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7/1/06 – Visting Tinker Creek June 28, 2006

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We had a great movie night last Friday, even if we waited a little too late in the evening to begin. Some things we covered:
  – What exactly was the book that changed Dorian’s life?
  – Did the picture merely paint Dorian’s soul, how did his age fit in?
  – And last week I failed to mention that we discussed the book in the gay community.

This week we are starting the Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and reading up to Chapter 7. Let’s meet at the park on Yale and Garrison (with the Stone House on it). I will bring some donuts or muffins.

Have a great week.

PS – I have the book club flyers. I will post it on the blog, but I have copies if you want.
PSS – Did anyone notice my awful typo on the bookmark? Is anyone reading them??


6 Responses to “7/1/06 – Visting Tinker Creek”

  1. M Says:

    “below” . . . books were above

    re: this entry — what exactly is “visting”, anyway? 🙂

  2. admin Says:

    LOL! That saddest part is it took me a good minute to even find visiting! I’m going to leave it as a tribute to bad spellers.

    Do you ever feel like we are the only people that use this blog?

  3. M Says:

    Yes, we are, with the occasional drive-by from your sister.

    Or. . .

    we could start making fun of the rest of the BC here, and then maybe they’d come use the blog so they could defend themselves.

    What say you?

  4. M Says:

    I just realized I have to pick my husband up at the airport tomorrow during book club! dang.

    Sorry — I’ll miss you guys. . .

  5. May Says:

    I had to post this because I thought it was hilarious! I was watching Queer Eye the other day and they were helping this guy who had just come out of the closet, so he was a pretty straight gay guy. Anyway, they were looking around his room and found a copy of an Oscar Wilde book and said that it was definite proof that he was gay. They said most guys may read Wilde, but few actually own him. I guess by “few” they meant gay?

  6. theprof Says:

    hmm, doesn’t leave me much hope i guess.

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