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Spinal Tap July 27, 2006

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BBC Movie Flyer

We may be “Barely a Book Club”, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to branch out into the wonderful world of cinema (world domination to follow). On Friday, August 4th at 6:30PM, BBC will be hosting a movie & game night, which would be confusing if we were a regular book club. But since we’re not, this totally makes sense. 

Who’s invited?

1. People who have not seen Spinal Tap

2. People who bring people who have not seen Spinal Tap

3. Other people 

What if I get hungry? We’ll be ordering pizza so bring a few dollars to help out. Also, we’ll need volunteers to bring chips, drinks & snacks. 

What if I get bored? Not to fear. Besides stimulating company, we’re planning to play a few games. Feel free to bring some along. If you’re not picky, we’ll just end up playing some of Kylle’s games…or Texas Hold ‘em which is always my first choice.


7/29/06 – Have you seen Spinal Tap? July 25, 2006

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Well week one of Anna Karenina went well. I want to encourage everyone to keep on reading. I realize that this is the biggest book we have tackled yet, but reading is fairly easy and the story is interesting.

 – Dolly and Stephan’s reactions to infidelity. Will he do it again?
 – The advantages of short chapters in big books.
 – Why Sam brought Pilgrim at Tinker Creek instead of Anna Karenina?

Please read through Part II for next week. Per Kelly we are trying a new place. Common Grounds on 17th and Wazee. I just went there this morning and there is a great little table we can meet at. And more importantly you may be served by former Survivor – Amy.

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7/22/06 – Death is inevitable July 18, 2006

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I must say the Prof and Misc had a great discussion last Saturday. Unfortunately the rest of us hadn’t finished to book and were not great contributors to the conversation. But I know I still intend to finish the book, sometime.

As Misc posted the Oprah website is a great tool to insights into this book. Also I have the Cliff Notes in case you wanted them too.

We will be meeting at the House of Commons at 10:30 to begin discussing Anna Karenina. Please read Part 1. We are going to try to finish the book in 6 weeks, which is a little over 100 pages per week. This is marathon reading. Drink lots of water.


Anna Karenina

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Oprah’s Character List of AK

Forget the Cliff Notes. Thanks to the Oprah Book Club, there’s lots of valuable information on the web about Anna Karenina.  Go to to create a free login.  In addition to plot points, Q&As and information about Tolstoy, the site offers the attached character list.  Perhaps the most valuable resource for me was the audio pronunciation guide of the character’s names.

A  word of caution, if I were you I would ignore the paragraph that calls this book the ultimate “harlequin romance”.  Remember, Oprah’s trying to tap into the housewife demographic.  I’m sure she didn’t really mean it.




7/15/06 – The Smoking Dillard July 12, 2006

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As I am not commenting on Tinker Creek I need to find other things to fill this post.  First of all I would invite everyone to come next Saturday because you have missed some pretty great meetings.  Also, we all need to prove to Sam that we have something worth saying and that we are more intelligent than some of us might appear.

I would like to bring forward a book club name that M. came up with:
Barely a Book Club
…because truely we teeter on the edge most Saturdays.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. We will meet at Clement Park (again) and I have checked the weather and they are forcasting mid 90’s. In the event it rains we will meet at this Starbucks – 8246-C West Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO.


7/8/2006 – Pilgrims and Parks July 6, 2006

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Last week…

I’m not giving away anything about this book because if you want to find the little gems of interesting information you have to read the book. If you wade through the frogs, snake skins, and disgusting bird carnage stories, you will find some incredibly insightful blurbs that make it all worth the read.

Because of the “nature” of our book I feel we should continue to meet at parks during the duration of PaTC. And since BC coincides with Red Rocks annual picnic let us change our location to Clement Park. I’m sure we can find a nice corner to discuss up to Chapter 12.

Dogs are welcome, Kaida will once again be attending. Hopefully Missy will come because she make Kaida look better!