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7/8/2006 – Pilgrims and Parks July 6, 2006

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Last week…

I’m not giving away anything about this book because if you want to find the little gems of interesting information you have to read the book. If you wade through the frogs, snake skins, and disgusting bird carnage stories, you will find some incredibly insightful blurbs that make it all worth the read.

Because of the “nature” of our book I feel we should continue to meet at parks during the duration of PaTC. And since BC coincides with Red Rocks annual picnic let us change our location to Clement Park. I’m sure we can find a nice corner to discuss up to Chapter 12.

Dogs are welcome, Kaida will once again be attending. Hopefully Missy will come because she make Kaida look better!


7 Responses to “7/8/2006 – Pilgrims and Parks”

  1. misc Says:

    I was shocked to find that Annie Dillard is a smoker. I couldn’t focus on anything because I just couldn’t get past that. Actually, the smoking goes better with the dreadlocked Annie Dillard/DiFranco in my head.

    Also, I kept thinking of meerkats (from life of pi) when I was reading muskrats. I’m so bad with my animal vocabulary…and vegetable vocab. How is a cucumber not a zucchini?

  2. May Says:

    That just seems to go against everything she’s writing about. Although I haven’t read the book, she sounded like quite a nature lover to me, and most of them don’t smoke right? Doesn’t anyone pay attention to Smoky the Bear?

  3. misc Says:

    I know. This is going to be one of my talking points tomorrow. I just can’t get passed it. It’s like Mother Theresa being obese. It just doesn’t work.

  4. M Says:

    cucumber = good
    zucchini = bad

    and I’ve run in to meerkats a lot since reading Life of Pi. What does that mean?

  5. misc Says:

    thanks for your sage wisdom, M:)

  6. M Says:

    I do what I can because I care, Misc.

  7. theprof Says:

    well, all in all, and smoking aside, it was a great week of discussions… i assume that next week we will be meeting at clement park since the picnic has been rescheduled for saturday.

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