Barely a Book Club

Teetering on the edge of a normal book club

7/15/06 – The Smoking Dillard July 12, 2006

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As I am not commenting on Tinker Creek I need to find other things to fill this post.  First of all I would invite everyone to come next Saturday because you have missed some pretty great meetings.  Also, we all need to prove to Sam that we have something worth saying and that we are more intelligent than some of us might appear.

I would like to bring forward a book club name that M. came up with:
Barely a Book Club
…because truely we teeter on the edge most Saturdays.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. We will meet at Clement Park (again) and I have checked the weather and they are forcasting mid 90’s. In the event it rains we will meet at this Starbucks – 8246-C West Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO.


6 Responses to “7/15/06 – The Smoking Dillard”

  1. misc Says:

    I’m all for “Barely a Book Club”.

    Also, I recently learned that we have a lurker among us: Kelly. Now everybody knows you’re here, Kelly, so you might as well post something:)

  2. M Says:

    Hi Kelly!

    And I’m trying to figure out why Ky won’t comment on Tinker Creek. Just wondering 🙂

    M, for the BBC

  3. May Says:

    Was Sam giving everyone a hard time last week? Why must we all prove that we are intelligent? Shouldn’t that be a given if we’re part of a book club?

  4. admin Says:

    M – People (including me to begin with) judged this book without even cracking it open. I don’t want anyone to believe that reading the comments is suffcient and hopefully it will make them want to read the book.

    May – Apparently you have never been to OUR book club. Or maybe you were stuck in a quantum time flux that led you to an alternate universe in which we, The CO Book Club, consistently talked about relevant things. Case in point…why were we talking about Kevin Costner last week?
    And in regards to Sam, the first time I met him he said he didn’t like BJUers and so it’s my personal goal to make him like me. I just figured everyone else probably wanted to have good goals like mine.

  5. theprof Says:

    may is completely right. no one’s intelligence is at stake. the first rule of book club is that we are instantly smarter just for being in book club.

  6. May Says:

    Thanks Professor; you just made me feel very validated by your statment. But then again, you’re kind of scaring me with your Fight Club comparisons.

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