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Spinal Tap July 27, 2006

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BBC Movie Flyer

We may be “Barely a Book Club”, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to branch out into the wonderful world of cinema (world domination to follow). On Friday, August 4th at 6:30PM, BBC will be hosting a movie & game night, which would be confusing if we were a regular book club. But since we’re not, this totally makes sense. 

Who’s invited?

1. People who have not seen Spinal Tap

2. People who bring people who have not seen Spinal Tap

3. Other people 

What if I get hungry? We’ll be ordering pizza so bring a few dollars to help out. Also, we’ll need volunteers to bring chips, drinks & snacks. 

What if I get bored? Not to fear. Besides stimulating company, we’re planning to play a few games. Feel free to bring some along. If you’re not picky, we’ll just end up playing some of Kylle’s games…or Texas Hold ‘em which is always my first choice.


6 Responses to “Spinal Tap”

  1. theprof Says:

    sounds good, i’ll drag joel with me. and we won’t be short on games. has anyone seen any of the other movies in the christopher guest genre of mockumentaries? (best in show, waiting for guffman, a might wind)

  2. Shanda Says:

    we talked about “wind” & “show” before you got to BC. both movies are very popular with my family.

  3. Kylle Says:

    Prof please don’t bring that Risk-like game!! It’s too sophiticated for us.

  4. theprof Says:

    never fear, we have many less sophisticated games to bore you with.

  5. M Says:

    AUUUUUGHHHH! Do NOT talk to me about Guffman et al. I may have to drop you from my friends list and quit BBC altogether. On the other hand, you can talk to me about them if you are agreeing with me about how mind-dumbingly awful they are. . .

  6. cobookclub Says:

    So you aren’t coming to movie night?

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