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8/26/06 – I’m so glad, that it’s over August 23, 2006

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Yes, this is it! The last week of Anna Karenina. Praise to all who will finish the book. Last week was a pretty terrible meeting (partly because of my fear to open my mouth again). So I’m not going to dignify it with any comments.

Next week we are meeting at the Alamo-Placita (or Placenta whichever you prefer) park at 10:30. 


11 Responses to “8/26/06 – I’m so glad, that it’s over”

  1. the prof Says:

    i’m must admit it is my own fault, (your fear of being yelled at and therefore the lack of comments from this week), but all in all i thought there was some good stuff worth mentioning: tolstoy’s style (an epic written serially), what type of books make good book club selections, were Vronsky and Anna doomed from the start or is there hope for there characters if circumstances were different. Granted, i don’t take notes, (so if anyone else that attended could add to this short list), but even what little i remembered was worth rehashing or have you just lost faith in the system?

  2. Kylle Says:

    Lost faith…plus I’m still convinced that no one really reads this blog. (Joel I’m still waiting for you to appear).

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    I was looking forward to joining this group, but the past couple of posts have me worried… I thought it was cool that you have a blog, but it looks like nobody reads it (besides the prof, Kylle, and me).

    Are people attending the book club besides you two? I realize the book is a bit much, so maybe that has an effect on attendance. The past couple of posts refer to yelling, intimidation, and then chastisement for those things. Do you actually enjoy this book club? Reassure me, please!

  4. theprof Says:

    actually kylle has been telling us all along that she was trying to discourage you from coming with false expectations. and she’s right, we aren’t a very normal book club, or even very normal people, but that does make for a pretty unique experience. if you are looking for the standard indicators of success (non-fluctuating attendance, strong leadership, and a history of well run meetings) then you won’t find them here. but if you’re looking for something a bit different, and people who love to read, then we’re it.

  5. M Says:

    I read this blog, and I *wanted* to read this book! How did it happen that I was out of town or had out-of-town company for this ENTIRE thing?! And now when am I supposed to read my copy? ugh

    Sleepy in Tacoma

  6. Inspector Love Says:

    Hmm… I think you missed the point of my last post, Prof. First of all, I’ve only participated in one book club and it had none of the “standard indicators of success” mentioned in your post. We were a group of people from different backgrounds who enjoyed reading and discussing books. We did not have “strong leadership” because it was a democratic group- we submitted a potential reading list and voted on which books to read. Then, we met once a month at someone’s house where we ate dinner, socialized, and discussed the book. Attendance varied- sometimes we would have 3 or 4 people and other times we would have 10-15 people. It was a lot of fun (therefore, successful), which is why I wanted to join another group after moving to the Denver area.

    Second, based on what I’m reading on the blog, the only thing atypical about your book club is that you meet every week and discuss specific chapters and questions- more of a class style format than a standard discussion group format. It’s actually a lot more structured than my previous book club, so that is why I wasn’t scared away by Kylle’s warnings. The name, reading list, blog, and Spinal Tap movie night were the things that attracted me to your group and made me want to try it out. I wonder where you’re getting these ideas about “normal” book clubs… it seems to me that every book club is different and you can’t tell if you’re going to like it until you try it.

    What I tried, and failed, to convey in my last post, was that I don’t want to go to a book club where people are fighting. We had plenty of passion and disagreement in my other group, but there was no yelling, intimidation, or hashing things out on a blog. Recent posts have not presented your group in a positive way and that was my reason for asking for reassurance. Is this an anomaly or not?

    Why would you want to discourage people from attending anyway? Why not just let them attend and decide for themselves whether or not they like the format?

  7. theprof Says:

    as for discouraging your attendance that was not my intention. i was merely worried, as kylle was, that you would come with false expectations. i think you’ve cleared that up for us. anamolies? yes, no one else has yelled before. are we passionate? yes. do we tease, have a good time, and seek to be sensitive to others feelings… you get the drift. we are more intense in our posts than in person.

  8. Kylle Says:

    OH DEAR! The one week that I don’t consistently check the blog Sam sucessfully scares away a new member. Thanks Sam. IL we don’t normally fight or have huge disagreements. I think one of the factors for that week is that I absolutely wasn’t going to back down (mostly because I was COMPLETELY correct.) So please come and don’t worry about having your barrels loaded. I think we are all afraid that you won’t like us 🙂

  9. Shanda Says:

    Wow, I’ve missed a lot not checking the blog in a while!

    IL – I can’t wait for you to come & try out BC. You’ve already made some great points here. And it would be great to have some input from somebody who had actually been in another book club before. To me, the blog is vitrolic in a way that the actual book club never is.

  10. Inspector Love Says:

    Okay, okay, you haven’t scared me away… yet. 😉

    I read the Kite Runner with my last BC, so I’ll have to dig my book out of a box (I’m still in the process of unpacking). If I find it before the weekend, I just might make it Saturday.

  11. Kylle Says:

    Cool! We can’t wait to meet you! Plus since you have already read it we won’t have to crack into the “Discussion Questions” in the back of the book. 😉

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