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Do You Know Jeff Buckley? 9/9/06 September 7, 2006

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Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! We started the Kite Runner last Saturday which prompted some great conversations. We actually sounded like a real book club!

– Comparison of the choices made between Anna and Amir. Tolstoy almost backs Anna’s character into a corner during pivotal decisions, whereas Amir is given many options to change his decision to ignore the rape of Hassan.

 – The father/son dynamic. Does Baba really blame Amir for the death of his wife, or is it just in Amir’s mind?

 – More comparisons between Anna Karenina and the Kite Runner both socially and culturally.

 – Blame the circumstances or choices?

Read through chapter 20. We will be meeting at Stella’s,+denver,+co&spn=0.027608,0.061644&hl=en


12 Responses to “Do You Know Jeff Buckley? 9/9/06”

  1. the prof Says:

    i agree kylle, very good discussions and you did a great job of capturing them all. can’t wait for this week.

  2. Shanda Says:

    What happened to the site? I miss the grass:) Actually, I like it.

    What’s the Jeff Buckley thing about? I hate when I miss out.

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    I also enjoyed the discussion and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. I like the new blog look, but it ‘s a bit dark… on the other hand maybe it’s appropriate for the Kite Runner. 😉

  4. M Says:

    I like the idea of changing the template for each new book. Brilliant.

    Since Shanda admitted she didn’t know Jeff Buckley, I will too. Should we know him?

  5. Kylle Says:

    I have no idea. Sam totally interrupted a great train of conversation by posing the “Do you know who Jeff Buckley question” and successfully killing the moment. So Sam…we don’t know who Jeff Buckley is, please tell us.

    And sadly M we probably won’t be able to change the template for each because there are only like 12 and some of them would be inappropriate (i.e. the fairy one). But have no fear because I hope to one day have our own website…world book club domination to follow.

  6. Shanda Says:

    FYI – I know who Jeff Buckley is. I just wasn’t there to discover his correlation to the Kite Runner.

  7. Inspector Love Says:

    I think the song Hallelujah was playing in the background, which prompted the comment… Is there a correlation to the Kite Runner? I don’t know, I could probably BS some sort of connection. Instead, I’ll just post this link:

  8. M Says:

    He looks like he needs a bath.

    And “Inspector Love”?!

    I’d also like to know what’s so offensive about Fairies.

  9. the prof Says:

    you can count on me to ruin a good moment. there was no real connection to the kite runner, but the song that was playing (hallelujah) is a definite tribute to redemption – the major theme of kite runner. for a great example of this watch the west wing episode – “posse comitatus” at the end of season three – jeff buckley’s song is playing in the background.

    sometimes life lives up to fiction. when jeff buckley’s song was playing during our conversation – i made the feeble attempt to draw attention to this…

  10. Inspector Love Says:

    Re: Inspector Love

    M- I was the newbie sitting next to you.

    My last name is Love, I inspect / rate hotels and restaurants- it’s not rocket surgery. I was given this nickname in Durango because people thought it was funny. Inspector Gadget may have come up… *sighs*

    I prefer my given name: April.

  11. Kylle Says:

    Don’t worry IL I totally got yelled out on a certain blog because I used the name “friend”. And at least yours has meaning. I didn’t use my name for a while on this blog because I don’t want to be googled. But have no fear while the blog is googlable the names inside aren’t.

  12. M Says:

    LOL @ Inspector Love! Makes perfect sense now. I was concerned for a minute that TheProf had upgraded himself to Inspector.

    I feel compelled to post this here (with permission from “friend” who should be named “Sister”):

    For the record (in case anyone asks):

    “Mocking” is not the same as “correcting”.

    Mocking: what you would do to someone who you believe to be more than reasonably intelligent, but who, for example, puts a random “r” at the end of a word like “lozenge”.

    Correcting: if someone said something like “me and her went to the store” and you felt compelled to let them know that it’s “she and I went to the store”.

    I did not do the latter. Nor would I, unless invited.

    That is all.
    We may be going to the mountains with our friends tomorrow, so I might be missing the last week of Kite Runner. *sigh*

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