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Survivor Amy, Chess, Elitism and Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land September 23, 2006

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I just wrote an entire post complete with bullets and it’s all gone.  Now I’m crabby and trying to re-create it.   It was already tough in that I was back-dating it to the day we met.  hmmmm.

A guest post by M.

I started by saying that none of the people there know what Survivor Amy looks like, so I can’t report on whether or not she was there.  For all I know, she’s the person who made my yummy mocha thingie.

We discussed whether or not the translation matters (ostensibly it does), but the Prof made the insightful point that it probably doesn’t matter until the 5th or 6th reading of a book (or something).  Joel (what’s your code name?) and Inspector Love noticed that the title of Chapter 3 in the old translation is “Apprenticeship”, and the title in the newer version is “Years of Freedom”.  All other chapter titles were the same. 

Other topics discussed, in no particular order:

  • Elitism (elite schools are so elitist)
  • comparison to the Amish lifestyle
  • mockumentaries — a possible new business venture?
  • Ambition and Joseph’s unawareness (?) of his own advancement
  • Really smart people with no common sense and/or people skills
  • Smart people who don’t play chess
  • I’m really not that old, but the 1959 movie Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land.  I’m watching a couple copies on eBay as I type this.  It *will* be our next Movie Night.
  • It’s dry, it de-emphasizes the beauty of literature, doesn’t use normal devices such as character and plot.  And yet, we’re still reading it.

And there you have it.  An awfully book-club-like discussion.  We almost lost the “barely” part of our name that week!


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