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GBG Nearing the end – 10/14/06 October 12, 2006

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Another great discussion from one of the most “boring” books we have read! Just kidding Joel. For some reason the book is really interesting, even if it’s just to get to Hesse’s point.

 – Could someone else have written this book and made it better?
 – Would a better editor have made this book more interesting?
 – Is it just a Hesse stylistic thing or was he trying to write it like a Castalian?
 – The theme of the value of the reflective life?

This week we are trying a new place Scooter Joes. (Hint: It’s right before the Funky Buddha…hmmm maybe we should go there instead of the Stupa).

Speaking of we will be making a trek to the temple on the 21st so plan a little extra time for book club…like 5 hours of time. On the way we will be discussing our new books so I need all submissions by the 20th. Also I have the flyers for our party on the 27th and I will try to get them to you this week.

see ya there


11 Responses to “GBG Nearing the end – 10/14/06”

  1. Shanda Says:

    I thought we were rescheduling the field trip.

  2. the prof Says:

    that is rescheduled.

  3. Kylle Says:

    Yeah, sorry. I didn’t read everyone’s posts 🙂 So we will reschedule for the following weekend.

    And also read through Chapter 10!

  4. Inspector Love Says:

    Note of encouragement- IMHO, the last three chapters are the best part of the book. So, stick it out if you can!

  5. M Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, IL — I didn’t read a single page on my Kansas trip! I have, however, procured a copy of Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land for us!

  6. Inspector Love Says:

    I wrote that before the ending… I hated the ending!

  7. Inspector Love Says:

    Ghost Tours at the Brown Palace

    October 3 – 31, 2006:

    To commemorate 114 years of Halloweens at the Brown Palace, hotel historian Julia Kanellos will conduct specially themed Ghost Tours from October 3rd through 31st, Tuesdays through Saturdays at 1:00pm. These 45-minute historical tours will be offered to the public for free with advance reservations. Please make arrangements through our Reservations department at 303-297-3111.

  8. M Says:

    So — what’s the scoop on Saturday? Where are we meeting? Who is driving? What time? Do we need money? Will we stop for lunch or something?

    M, a fan of tea at the Brown Palace

  9. Inspector Love Says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to go on the Ghost Tour, but feel free to organize something. I posted it as an FYI. This Saturday (Post BBC), I will be on my way to a cold night in the backcountry. Yeah, I’m excited. Did I mention it’s hunting season?

  10. prof Says:

    don’t forget your orange hunting vest.

  11. Inspector Love Says:

    I made a special trip to the Army Surplus- always a fun experience. I have an attractive “blood orange” bandana, a vest, and non-adhesive plastic tape for good measure.

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