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Ask and Receive 11/18/06 November 15, 2006

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Well Ant, ask and ye shall receive a new post. Unlike the Great Ant we are all a little behind on TTTW. But with Thanksgiving around the corner I think it will give us all time to catch up. Last weeks conversation actually centered around Russian literature. It was a great discussion, but I really wish we had a RusLit scholar since our range of RusLit is rather small. (Yes I totally made up the word RusLit but isn’t the internet a market for new words?)

We are trying a new coffee/tea place this week for two reasons.
1) It’s about a month old and looks like it needs an economic/morale boost

2) I have to prepare for pre-Thanksgiving dinner and this place is really close to my parents house 🙂

Anyway read to page 411 or chapter “Experiencing Technical Difficulty”. We will be meeting at Mojo Coffee and Tea. It’s on Wadsworth and Ohio, which is just South of Alameda. It’s in the shopping center with a Blockbuster and an Office Max. If you can’t find it call me.


9 Responses to “Ask and Receive 11/18/06”

  1. Ant Says:

    It’ll be nice to meet on the west side of town for once 🙂

    I’m a fan of “RusLit”

    I finished it last night.

    I’m a fan of going to an establishment simply because I think they need more business. Syminess? Sympathy Business? Sympasiness?

  2. mir Says:

    so since we’re barely a book club now and should be lazy for a bit, when’s movie night with the amazing stadium seating?!?!

    i like sympasiness.

  3. the prof Says:

    there are many euphemisms in life, but even more in book club..

    last week’s russian lit discussion was really just everyone telling me that i’m wrong about russian lit, and come to think of it, they aren’t the only ones.

    can’t wait to start tttw.

  4. Shanda Says:

    With all the actual book talk that took place on Saturday, I forgot to re-propose my idea of having a secret Santa book exchange for book club. I think it would be really fun and not expensive at all. I’m obsessed with the whole secret Santa thing. Does anybody else think this is a good idea?

  5. Kelly Says:

    I think Secret Santa is a great idea!!

  6. Shanda Says:

    Warning! If you have not finished TTW, you should not click on this link. But for those who have, this blog person has gone to the trouble of creating a chronological timeline for TTW. It’s kind of interesting from a critical standpoint.

  7. Kylle Says:

    Shanda I like the Secret Santa idea…so I’m putting you in charge of the SS Commitee. All in favor….I.

  8. Ant Says:


    I’m just wondering how secret it will be? Will we bring the gifts to one of the BBC meetings? Maybe we could do one at my house, and the gifts could be placed under the tree, so no one knows who’s is whose?

  9. Shanda Says:

    Yes we’ll bring them wrapped for a bookclub/Christmas party. Kelly had mentioned the possiblity of hosting it at her new place so maybe we can discuss the details on Saturday as well as the unflinching rules of Secret Santa.

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