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Teetering on the edge of a normal book club

From Ant 11/25/06 November 21, 2006

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For Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we’re going to be thankful that we’re done with Time Traveller’s Wife. Yes, finish the book and come prepared to discuss the timeline (Shanda posted a link in the comments of the last BBC blog entry).

We’ll be at Aviano Coffee, where Joel can learn coffee latte art, and they also have quiche and blooming tea. How can we go wrong? We’ll miss our fearless leader (Kylle, Adam, whoever you want to name), but she probably won’t miss us. Much.

Click here for directions:

Click here for their blog:


One Response to “From Ant 11/25/06”

  1. Ant Says:

    I just sent this message to theProf and realized I should post it here too:

    I’ll definitely be at book club tomorrow. Unless I’m not 🙂

    I’m planning on coming. BUT … my brother-in-law and a friend are going to arrive here sometime around 2-4 this morning (driving from Seattle to Nashville and we’re a free stop), so I just don’t know what the AM will look like. Our plan is to get zooted up on caffeine and watch what we can of season 3 of 24, so we’ll see what happens 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll see you all at Aviano!

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