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Secret Santa November 29, 2006

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Thanks to the power of democracy, we are going to have a Secret Santa Book Exchange for our Christmas party on December 16th.  Here’s how it works.

If you want to participate either put a comment on the blog or email me.  I’ll put all the names into a hat & we’ll draw names on Saturday.  If you won’t be able to be there, let me know & we’ll keep a name for you.

Then you need to buy a book to give to the person whose name you draw.  But it’s SECRET Santa so don’t tell anyone who you have.  As far as the book, it can be new or used.  Just make sure it’s not a library book or a stolen book.

Bring the book wrapped on December 16th to the BC Christmas Party.



12 Responses to “Secret Santa”

  1. Ant Says:

    Do you have any idea how *touched* The Prof would be if we gave him a stolen book? It would make his year!

    I’m just saying.

  2. Kylle Says:

    Ant…will you BookCross your Secret Santa book??? 🙂

    Count me in!!

  3. Ant Says:

    most definitely!

    And I’m in 🙂

  4. Shanda Says:

    Hopefully this goes without saying, but you also can’t give a book that is part of our past or future BC catalog.

  5. mir Says:

    that’s grey’s anatomy night… if i can get a recording (sorry i’m not up-to-date with this tivo stuff), then i’m in.

  6. April Says:

    I’m still in Japan, but count me in- not sure if I will make it on Saturday.

  7. Kelly Says:

    I’m in!

  8. Shanda Says:

    Miranda – We’re just having it during regular BC on Saturday the 16th…I think you should update that 2004 calendar. Or maybe you were looking at November:)

  9. mir Says:

    oops wrong month… thanks shanda!! 🙂 im in.

  10. the prof Says:

    i may or may not make it to the party, but a book exchange is a great idea, so i’m in. and the ant is right – i’m touched just thinking about someone who may have considered stealing a book for me.

  11. Inspector Love Says:

    What time is the Christmas party? My mom’s graduation is that weekend…

  12. Shanda Says:

    IL – It will be just normal book club time.

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