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Bye Bye Week December 5, 2006

Filed under: The Thirteenth Tale — antof9 @ 3:05 am

Well it’s back to the old reading grind…but let me just say that The Thirteenth Tale is a quick and interesting read. Read to page 99. We will be meeting at Fluid Coffee

 Don’t forget to look for your Secret Santa gift (books only). The party and gift swap will by the 16th.


5 Responses to “Bye Bye Week”

  1. Ant Says:

    That sounds like a good place to meet. I hate that place that sells *solid* coffee …

    Ky — do you feel smug that you’re ahead of us all already?

    (looks like Joel can see more latte art there, too!)

  2. Kylle Says:

    Actually I do feel a little superior. In fact I’m almost to page 200.
    Really I should feel really stupid for not completing comprehending the post that I put up (though in my defense I at least didn’t write it).

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    Ok- I couldn’t bear forking over the $26 for the book, so I ordered it online for a little over $10. I have no idea when I’ll actually receive the book- the earliest will be Friday. I doubt I’ll have done the required reading by Saturday.

  4. Ant Says:

    I’m with you, IL — I took advantage of Amazon’s faux-ebay system, and got a used one (that looks brand new) from them for about 7. It came by slow boat to China, though …

  5. Inspector Love Says:

    Oh, no- that’s what I did. I hope it comes by next week…

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