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Snow, Rain, Sleet… January 12, 2007

Filed under: The Thirteenth Tale — antof9 @ 5:33 am

With another storm looming I thought it might be best to go to a coffee place right off a major road. Strange though it may be the quaint little Mojo coffee place off of Wadsworth might be a safe choice.

Shanda mentioned that everyone had decided to read half the book. While I still contest that the books I have seen are over 400 pages I do not have a copy myself. So read to wherever Shanda mentioned!

See you there.

Mojos –  on Wadsworth and Ohio, which is just South of Alameda. It’s in the shopping center with a Blockbuster and an Office Max


9 Responses to “Snow, Rain, Sleet…”

  1. Inspector Love Says:

    Yeah… so, I showed up late and Mojo was closed. I looked for you at one of the coffee shops in Belmar, then gave up. Did you end up meeting somewhere else?

  2. Kylle Says:

    I waited until 11:00 outside of Mojo for you and then left because my windows completely frosted over and I couldn’t see. IL I need your phone number so in case of emergency someone can get a hold of you! After I reached Mojo and saw the sign I was able to turn everyone else around. I’m so sorry you got stranded in Lakewood!

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    It’s my fault- I was late and I was confused about the location. I was thinking of the office max on Wadsworth (close to me) instead of the office depot (closer to you all). Thanks for waiting for me and I don’t blame you for leaving. It’s my fault for not exchanging numbers sooner… I e-mailed you my cell.

    Thanks again for waiting for me, Kylle!

  4. the prof Says:

    we’ll just chalk last week up to weather and boldly continue.

    but i’m proposing a bit of a schedule shift or adjustment. interest in our current slew of books seems to be lagging. (13th tale, and in cold blood in particular) i think they are both worthy books that people (myself included) just haven’t gotten the chance to be interested in. so…. let’s watch the movie (or movies) of in cold blood this saturday instead of reading (or lack thereof) and discussing. it’s my theory that people will be more interested in reading and in discussing if we watch the movies first.

    let me know what you think

  5. Shanda Says:

    I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but prof, I think you actually have a good idea. I’ve finished In Cold Blood and I don’t have too much to talk about other than a few stylistic things. I think the movie would give some insight to his writing process.

  6. Inspector Love Says:

    I agree with you Shanda… not much to say about In Cold Blood other than it was well written.

    I don’t mind skipping the discussion and watching the movies. Do you want to watch them both in the same sitting?

  7. Kylle Says:

    Seems we are all in a bit of a rut. Maybe we can talk about what to do on Saturday.

  8. the prof Says:

    well i feel dumb. i may have proposed the right idea, but unfortunately will be out of town this weekend. i’ll try to watch one or both of the movies before our next meeting.

  9. Ant Says:

    it was still a good idea 🙂

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