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Can you believe! January 26, 2007

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Can you believe it’s almost February! That means we are close to picking a new selection of books. On Saturday I will bring the books that were on the last list.

I realize that we are in a bit of a slump…myself included, but I think we have 2 great books coming up. Since this is late notice let’s read half of the Great Divorce that’s 80 pages. By request we are meeting at the tea house at 10:30.

 See you there.


12 Responses to “Can you believe!”

  1. Ant Says:

    Oh good — then I can go to the Spice Shop too 🙂

    I wonder where my copy of Great Divorce is? And I wonder if Joel remembers that he said he’d get his own copy of this? I don’t wonder if he reads the blog, ’cause we all know he doesn’t …

  2. the prof Says:

    you’d be surprised, and what kind of deal do you and joel have. are you his surrogate mother for book club stuff. do you make sure his homework is done or just that he has the right books?

  3. shanda Says:

    prof – do I detect a hint of jealousy?

  4. mir Says:

    I FINISHED ANNA KARENINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope great divorce does not take as long… but i am looking forward to this book

  5. Kylle Says:

    We all know Joel is a closet blog reader. We see you Joel!

    Miranda – The Great Divorce is about a 1/4 the size of Anna Karenina.

  6. shanda Says:

    Congratulations Miranda! There’s hardly anything as fufilling as finishing a really long book. I read TGD in 3 bus rides so hopefully that will be encouraging to you!

  7. Inspector Love Says:

    I don’t know if I’m going to make it this week. I’ve been invited to a Unitarian-Universalist conference. I read the Great Divorce… it won’t take that long to read. I guess I’ll wait to share my views on it, but I will say it has some Buddhist elements.

  8. Kylle Says:

    Can I just say that Unitarian-Universalist is a mouthful! They should call it UU, just sitting here I can think of 5 really good marketing slogans and posters. Have fun at the conference!

  9. Inspector Love Says:

    They do call it UU, but I wasn’t sure if everyone knew the acronym. Most people just say Unitarians, which isn’t any more trouble to say than Lutherans or Evangelicals. 🙂

  10. Ant Says:

    Joel is on his own for homework. Evidently he has a hard time actually going into a store and buying the books, which he claims he is perfectly willing to read, but never buys. I told him I’d buy them (I love to shope for books) and he could pay me back.

    Regardless of my actual chronological age (and the fact that Mir was born the year I graduated from high school), I am no one’s surrogate mother. Are you saying I’m old, Prof?

    Mir — congratulations! What a great accomplishment! I’m soooo jealous! I wish I had read that with BBC! I am so bummed that I was gone for so many weeks of Anna. I may NEVER finish her!

    IL — have fun with the UUs. We’ll miss you!

  11. Amie Says:

    Professor, I know it’s a little short notice, but could you bring the cd I gave you with you to BC tomorrow? I have a few people who are wanting to borrow it, so if you remember, that would be great! Thanks!

  12. the prof Says:

    wow, so many comments. first amie, yes, i’ve been trying to get your cd back to you, sorry it took so long. second, i agree with IL, there is some strong buddhist tendencies in great divorce, which helps prove my point that while christians (protestants in particular) have adopted c.s. lewis as their patron saint, he is the biggest heretic to not be burned. third, i could never accuse someone of being old that has graduated from college a feat i have not yet achieved at the ripe old age of 26.

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