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When is a title too wordy? February 13, 2007

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* Note: For my sanity I will be referring to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close as EL&IC.

Well we are back this week with a new book. I just started it on Saturday and really like it so far. I’m excited to see what everyone else thinks. Let’s read up to page 86 or the chapter “The Only Animal”. I will reserve the upstairs room at Aviano’s. When you get there just tell them you are with the book club.

See you at 10:30!


9 Responses to “When is a title too wordy?”

  1. Antof9 Says:

    uh-oh — did you see my note on what we decided? We picked how far to read and where to go (a western suburb location since at least one of the downtown contingent will be out of town) …

  2. shanda Says:

    Sorry, it’s my fault for not letting Kylle know about our decisions about next week…I remembered I wouldn’t be there so I just put it out of my head:)

  3. the prof Says:

    pagination discrepencies aside, the only important issue to resolve is village inn or aviano’s.

  4. shanda Says:

    I’m not sure at what point this review would be a good read but I thought I’d put it up here since it’s been so pivotal in the publicity of this book. John Updike wrote this less than glowing review of ELIC for the New Yorker. It’s probably worth waiting a few weeks if you’ve just started, but I think Updike brings up some interesting points.

    Incidently, from everything I’ve read Foer responded incredibly graciously and respectfully to Updike’s review.

  5. Kylle Says:

    Aviano’s this week…Villiage Inn next week.

    Prof when do you ever read to the pages designated? Wouldn’t that mean you were following the rules? OH NO!

  6. the prof Says:

    i liked updike’s review, and while he suggests some improvements on Foer’s novel and its style, i didn’t think he was very critical of it. it wouldn’t be too hard for Foer to be incredibly gracious about this review as Updike comes off more like a fan than a critic.

  7. shanda Says:

    prof – while not the harshest Foer received, this review was definitely perceived as being quite critical in the literary community…I mean, I don’t know this from being in that community, but only from those elites speaking to the matter:)

  8. Inspector Love Says:

    Wow! Talk about a spoiler. DON’T read the article if you actually want to read the book and form your own opinions. Articles like this are best for the last discussion of a book (yes, I read Shanda’s warning for those folks who just started, but I’m always tempted to click on a link). I’m glad I already finished the book. What I enjoyed most about it was the a sense of discovery… I think the inventive style Foer used made me look forward to turning the page.

    I think we should read some critiques of ELIC, but it’s premature. Having said that, I’m going to leave this thought so I don’t forget about it later- do you think Foer’s style is more appealing to people of our generation than older authors/critics?

    It is much easier to critique than to create and anyone challenging the established order will be harshly criticized.

  9. shanda Says:

    IL – Interesting question. If Updike & some of the other reviewers are any indication it probably is generational. However, I’m thinking those people would be quick to accuse Foer (& his fans) of immaturity that they will (hopefully) grow out of.

    In a response to Updike’s review, Foer said that time was the truest critic. I really like that response. It will be interesting to see how we feel about his book in 20 years.

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