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Extremely Interesting February 22, 2007

Filed under: EL&IC — antof9 @ 12:43 am

As in the past there are just some books that are really discussion worthy. EL&IC is one of those books. I don’t think I can put a synopsis of our conversation on the blog. So if you wanna know be there. If you can’t make it to our discussions I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It’s a real insight into the way I think more and more books are going to be published.

This week 9:00 at Village Inn. The one on 6th and Simms (North side of 6th by the Lone Star). I think someone mentioned trying to go early and saving a table. If you do try to let the front know so that all those that might be joining for the first time can find you. If that doesn’t work, all new people, just start reading aloud from the book and we will find you 😉

Read to page 208 or the beginning of the chapter “Why I’m not where you are”.


7 Responses to “Extremely Interesting”

  1. Antof9 Says:

    OK I totally missed something. I thought we said 9:00? (or 9:30? I’m not near my calendar right now)

  2. cobookclub Says:

    Yep! We did. Sorry about that…Note the new time.

  3. shanda Says:

    Wait. Why are we changing times? Is this just a temporary change or is it permanent? I guess that’s what happens when you miss a week.

    I signed up to do something from 9-10…so I guess I’m going to have to miss again. I have to warn you that my list of ELIC talking points is piling up so if we do meet at 10:30 next week, I’m pretty much going to have to do all the talking:)

  4. the prof Says:

    we’ll save plenty of time for those coming late to divulge their opinions and questions.

  5. shanda Says:

    okay, but i’m holding you personally responsible for keeping everyone on lock down until I get there…now that i think about it, creating a hostage situation might be one of your hidden strengths!

  6. Caleb Opp Says:

    The numbers in the phone conversation are words if you put them into a text message. i went through and did it and wow. Im not totally through doing it but im going to try to get it done by next week. Try parts of it its pretty cool.

  7. Inspector Love Says:

    Wow, Caleb, you’re a superstar! I hope you’re going to share your translation with us. 🙂

    Sorry if this gets posted twice- having trouble today with Firefox.

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