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Split Second June 26, 2007

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Welcome back everyone! I’m very excited to start Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, these types of books are so interesting to read. Although we previously discussed reading this book in one week, it might be better to spread it over two. Let’s read up to chapter 5. I’ve been trying to think of a good location…anyone have any suggestions?

Also check out “Enchanted Grounds” in Littleton. I can’t figure out if it’s cool or a little scary. Maybe we can check it out, though it might be a drive for some.


4 Responses to “Split Second”

  1. Inspector Love Says:

    I just checked out the “Enchanted Grounds” website (it’s actually in Highlands Ranch). I think it could go either way… I mean what’s the worst that can happen? We’re surrounded by role-playing game nerds? They’re harmless… I used to date one. The Magic games weren’t his problem, it was the manic-depression that did him in.

    Anyway… the coffee looks good. I’ve started Blink and I’ve just gotten to the part about the war games the Pentagon spends millions of dollars on. I had no idea. I like the examples Gladwell uses to explain the “blink” phenomenon. From marriage to race to war… weird, wild, schtuff.

    Nerds Unite!

    IL from Espanola, NM.

  2. Kylle Says:

    Sorry I must have experienced website blur. I was looking through Mile-hi buzz for almost 1/2 hour trying to find a good coffee place. Enchanted Grounds looks cool…let’s meet there!

  3. shanda Says:

    I’m usually a fan of taking the road less traveled (if you can call C470 that), but this place is freaking far away! Maybe it’s close to IL, in which case I don’t mind going a little out of the way so everybody can have a convenient Saturday morning now and then.

    I’m not normally the conservationist in the group, but if anybody wants to carpool, let me know.

  4. Inspector Love Says:

    Hey- it wasn’t my idea, but everyone needs an adventure once in awhile. 90% of the book club lives in the same complex… make it a car trip. 😉

    I drive about 1,500 miles a month so my perspective is skewed… if it’s over 5 hours, it’s a long drive. Not that I would drive 5 hours for BBC, but every time I come, it usually a 20-30 min drive. Point is: I don’t really care where we meet. If people aren’t going to come because it’s too far, then suggest another spot.

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