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TYPU and Tea July 26, 2007

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I have to admit I’m having a little trouble with the book. But I have had trouble reading Chabon in the past. I really want to be excited by the book, but I’m getting lost. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is the heat just getting to me.

Please read up to Chapter 32 or page 276. Let’s meet at the House of Commons at 10:30, reservations under Book Club.

2401 Fifteenth Street
Denver, CO


7 Responses to “TYPU and Tea”

  1. Inspector Love Says:

    Uh… I just made it to ch. 16 and I’m also having trouble getting into this book. I hate it when there’s a bunch of words in another language that I don’t understand. It’s very distracting. I’m trying to just ignore them and let it go, but it’s slow going.

    I suddenly have a very full social schedule this weekend, but I should still be able to make it (just an fyi for K,M,& S since we seem to be the core group this summer).


  2. Ant Says:

    yay! I finally get to come, AND it’s at the tea place 🙂

    See you there. I’m catching up and somewhere around page 100, I think.

    I’m having a hard time understanding the title. It seems to me it’s all about “Lasker’s Murder”, which although not as quirky, would have been more *about* the book 🙂

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    I have to admit, I’d rather be reading the new Harry Potter book and since I actually bought the book, it’s taking a lot of discipline to continue with TYPU. Can’t wait to see you Ant!

  4. Ant Says:

    I’ve come up with another (read: better) title for this book “The Jews of Sitka, AL”. Don’t you think it would be more descriptive?

    ah well, maybe I’m hung up on the title.

    Re: foreign languages — IL and Kylle — that’s exactly how I felt when I read “Lolita” []. I’m usually pretty at foreign phrases in books — probably because they’re usually just short phrases. But that book made me crazy. It was whole passages, and multiple languages, and I felt like I was left out of a private joke!

  5. Ant Says:

    oh, and I look forward to seeing you guys! It feels like it’s been a whole summer since I’ve seen some of you!

  6. Inspector Love Says:

    Official languages of Israel are Modern Hebrew and Arabic. According to this site (scroll down), Yiddish is one of the languages spoken by immigrants.

    I’m almost finished with the book and my feelings haven’t changed. It’s well written with an unenthusiastic plot.

  7. Ant Says:

    I’m planning on BBC this Saturday, but when I did online check-in for my flight, I got the option to get on the list to be bumped. Being fond of free plane tickets, I added myself to the list. It’s possible I might not make it back till sometime on Saturday instead of Friday night.

    I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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