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Movie Night 8.10.06 August 6, 2007

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Well we definately had some negative opinions of Chabon’s TYPU. While everyone agreed that his style of writing is remarkable the plot didn’t quite catch on and the frequent reversion to Yiddish caused more than a few to be confused.
I wish I could say I finished, but I’m only about 1/2 way there but plan on completing.

This week is a movie night and I have volunteered my home. If you don’t have directions email me at No one had any ideas about a movie, so please post your thoughts. It was requested that it not be about Jewish Refugees, the Holocaust, or Alaska.


9 Responses to “Movie Night 8.10.06”

  1. Ant Says:

    dangit — I’ll be at a wedding in Michigan. I was going to recommend “Mystery, Alaska”


  2. Kylle Says:

    Well all of you are really lucky Matt’s not here because I’m sure he would try to coerece us into watching Die Hard or a zombie movie. I do have a few movies so if no one suggests I definately have things to choose from 🙂

    Has everyone seen Brick?

  3. Aussenbagen Says:

    I have my kids that night. Foiled again! However, I absolutely love them. I am reading Blindness though.

  4. Aussenbagen Says:

    I assume no meeting on Saturday, the 11th due to the movie night? Blindness next week?

  5. Aussenbagen Says:

    Okay, now I am really getting to be a bore. Sorry. You can email me at

  6. Inspector Love Says:

    I haven’t seen Brick, but I really want to…

  7. Shanda Says:

    Brick is fine for me too.

  8. Kylle Says:

    Aussenbagen okay Auss for short,

    We won’t meet on Saturday but will start Blindness on the 18th. Sorry you won’t make it maybe next time.

  9. Kylle Says:

    A time might be nice…7:00. And I heard there might be make-your-own-bannana-splits.

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