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The end of 1984 September 20, 2007

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Post provided by our own Ant:

First, one of our favorite BBC hangouts is up for an award.  Or a prominent spot on a website.  Or list.  Or something.  So everyone who loves The House of Commons (and I think that’s all of us), go to and vote.  Scroll to the bottom and look for Specialty Food and Drink on the right-hand side.  Click on Bakery, and then it’s at the bottom of that list.  When you click on it, they ask for your email address to send you a ballot (and probably spam you, but you can opt out of “special offers”).  The “ballot” was just a quick click.

Second, finish the book for the 22nd we will  be meeting at Scooter Joe’s.

Not much actual book discussion this week — more “barely” than “book club”, but we still asked a few questions:

1.  is “1984” as meaninful now as when it first came out?

2.  briefly compared Orwell to Asimov — discussed social commentary, etc.

3.  If you had read this in high school, did it merit a re-read for BBC?  (consensus seems to be “not really”)

Fresh, hot scones are definitely the way to go for book club.  The consensus on those was a resounding “yes”.

Scooter Joe’s Coffee
726 Lincoln Denver, CO


3 Responses to “The end of 1984”

  1. Inspector Love Says:

    Did you find that it was or was not meaningful? Well, I guess we can discuss tomorrow. I just started the book, so I don’t know how far I’ll get.

  2. Shanda Says:

    Two things:

    First as a follow up for April: The Once people are coming to perform at The Ogden on 11/13.

    And this is for everyone: I have some friends in Ecuador that I like to send books to occassionally because they don’t have access to much. I wanted to send them Blindness…but I actually liked it & want to keep it. Before I go & buy one for them I thought I’d see that if anybody who didn’t like it would be willing to donate theirs. Just let me know. Thanks

  3. Ant Says:

    Sorry, Shanda — I’ve already sent my copy on its little BookCrossing way …

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