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Searching for the Genius October 10, 2007

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“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy againist him.”Jonathan Swift

IL brought up this quote (found in the front of the book) at our last meeting. She is wondering who the genuis will be.

Some are finding this book a little trying to read. And I have to admit that at times I’m throughly annoyed by the character Ignatius. How do you feel about this character? Who do you think the genius will be?

Please read to Chapter 9. We are meeting at Devil’s Food (per IL).

1020-1024 S. Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 


10 Responses to “Searching for the Genius”

  1. Kylle Says:

    Miss Trixie is obviously the genius.

  2. Burt Says:

    I really like the character of Ignatius, probably because I have some relatives that vaguely remind me of him.

  3. MollySue Says:

    lol…there is a guy i pass on the street everyday that reminds me of ignatius. he has a thin un-flattering mustache, always wears a cowboy hat and snake skin boats, he is a bit portly, always wears a bulging backpack that is completely strapped around his waist and shoulders. i wish i could get a pic of him.

  4. princessaurora Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Trixie.

  5. Ant Says:

    I was just thinking this morning how much I dislike Ignatius! His pomposity, his tendency to pontificate, and his utter cluesness of the world around him (not to mention the way he treats his mother) make me want to punch him. Seriously, I want to smack him upside the head.

  6. Shanda Says:

    I really like Ignatius. To me, he’s a caricature more than a character. And maybe this is why his “bad” actions don’t bother me the way they seem to be bothering others. I love how he’s entirely serious but appears just utterly ridiculous in every way.

    The fact that he treats his mother poorly doesn’t bother me in the sense that this is exactly what this character would do. I don’t think the author would have as tight a character if he didn’t. And from a practical standpoint, isn’t Ig’s mother his chief enabler in a lot of ways?

  7. Inspector Love Says:

    I’m not enjoying this book at all. I don’t find it funny and I hate Ignatius. 🙂

  8. Ant Says:

    I finally finished the book. I didn’t like it either, and I can’t STAND Ignatius.

    I don’t think that quote applies to a single person in the book. There is not one genius in it. Perhaps the genius is the publisher making money off this piece of garbage.

  9. cobookclub Says:

    We briefly discussed the genius portion this past Saturday. This is my thought. I think the genius was Mr. Levy. In fact I think the whole book was really about Mr. Levy but just from Ignatius point of view. If Ignatius hadn’t of done all the things he did Mr. Levy would never have gotten his life and his business on track. I ended up liking the book.

  10. Inspector Love Says:

    You crack me up, Ant!

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