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Happy Anniversary BBC! October 24, 2007

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It’s been two great years since the birth of the BBC. Ah, remember the days of meeting at New York Bagel eating great bagels, drinking terrible coffee, and discussing good books.  Until they stopped letting us reserve the little back part and basically forced us out…(PS New York Bagel, your coffee was so bad that many members were prone to smuggling in other vendors coffee). Anyway it’s time to celebrate!

Several suggestions have been made including:
 – Going to a Haunted House
 – Having a pizza party at my house (make your own or bought)
 – Going to some restaurant

We are also opened to the day, we could do it this weekend or even next week if that’s better.

Please post your opinions or other ideas! Also if you haven’t visited us in a while this is a perfect time to reconnect.


12 Responses to “Happy Anniversary BBC!”

  1. Matt Says:

    How about you come to Baghdad for the BBC Anniversary! It’s really nice this time of year!
    Miss you guys.

  2. Shanda Says:

    I think the pizza thing is a good idea.

    PS – if we decide to have normal BC this Saturday, I won’t be able to make it due to the Denver Day of Impact.

  3. Kylle Says:

    I’m game for Baghdad 🙂

    No regular BBC this week due to the Party. IL suggested Sunday evening for the Party and that would work better for me too.

  4. Kelly Says:

    I will be watching Baseball Saturday and Sunday evening and possibly Monday.

  5. Shanda Says:

    See, now I don’t know if that was the real Matt, or Kylle taking on one of her many BBC aliases!

    I guess we could move the party to next weekend & make this one our week off? Or is Friday night an option?

  6. Kylle Says:

    It actually was the real Matt. I only make-up imaginary people.

    Shanda, you do realize that we will be out of town next weekend?!?

  7. Billy Bob Says:

    I can make Friday night. I’ll be back from Las Vegas Friday afternoon. I prefer pizza or a restaurant.

    Good to hear from you, Matt! We miss you, too.

  8. Kylle Says:

    Hey everyone. I seriously apologize for dropping the ball on the Anniversary celebration. Could we maybe just take the weekend off and plan for another day?? Sorry that I haven’t really been on top of things lately.

    Hope no one is terribly mad.

  9. Inspector Love Says:

    No worries. I have no problem with doing this another weekend.

    Peace out from the Las Vegas airport.

  10. Ant Says:

    I can do whenever … maybe. I realized Friday night that I hadn’t told anyone I was tied up on Saturday AM at a service project with my work. Sounds like you didn’t meet anyway 🙂

    I’m never up for a haunted house, but almost anything else …

  11. Inspector Love Says:

    Are we having book club tomorrow?

  12. Ant Says:

    just logged on to check the same thing, IL.

    I have to say the idea of sleeping in tomorrow does have its appeal 🙂

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