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Change is Good November 13, 2007

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Well our first big change is the book we are reading, Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko. I think this is a first read in this genre for the BBC. What it this genre you ask? Well from what I can tell its kind of a sci-fi/vampire/action/drama. Should be interesting!

Second big change…for the next two months we will only be meeting every other week. We thought we would give this a try especially because of the approaching holidays. So here is the schedule for the next few weeks.
November 17th – Nightwatch, read to Chapter 6 page 109
November 24th – Stay home and have a good Thanksgiving with family and friends
December 1st – Nightwatch, read to Chapter 2 page 208
December 8th – Stay home and watch cartoons
December 15th – Nightwatch, read to Story 3 page 330
December 22nd – Stay home and finish wrapping Christmas presents
December 29th – Nightwatch, the end

This week lets meet at Aviano. We haven’t meet there in a long time. I will try to reserve the upstairs area.
955 Lincoln St., Suite G

Also remember to keep posting book suggestions!!


13 Responses to “Change is Good”

  1. Antof9 Says:

    good call on the schedule!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I’m out of town this weekend, see you on Dec. 1st!

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    I probably won’t be there this Saturday… I ordered the book and probably won’t have the reading done.

  4. Kylle Says:

    Hmmm…since so few will be in attendance, would anyone be opposed to taking our litte soiree across the street to Le Central for brunch? If so I will make the reservation…

  5. Shanda Says:

    Oh man. I was thinking about not coming myself as I have the P&P matinee & need to make sure mom is ready. But oh how I love Le Central. If our abridged group would be willing to go a little earlier than 10:30, I would LOVE to join in.

  6. Kylle Says:

    What do you say Ant? Le Central opens at 10:00.

  7. Antof9 Says:

    count me in! Is it literally across the street from Adagio, or should I look up directions?

    And might I just add here that I cannot buh-LIEVE how much I’m enjoying this book? What’s up with that? Who knew I’d like Russian vampires? Not me.

  8. Kelly Says:

    oh thanks for that comment Ant! I can’t wait to start it this afternoon and I have a whole 4 hour plane ride to enjoy it!

  9. Shanda Says:

    Ant – It’s actually a few blocks down (closer to 8th)

    See you guys @ 10!

  10. Kylle Says:

    I know this book totally sucks you in. Maybe I will like the movie better after reading the book.

    Okay so Le Central is at 112 East 8th Avenue. And I will make reservations for 10:00 am.

  11. Antof9 Says:

    Kelly — have a good flight! I hope you like it. I think it would be perfect for a plane ride!

    Kylle — there’s a MOVIE?!

  12. Kylle Says:

    I’m pretty sure that they have made the 1st two books into movies.

  13. Inspector Love Says:

    Yeah, there’s a movie… it’s on DVD. Guess that makes our movie night after this book easy to plan. 😉

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