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Happy 2008! January 3, 2008

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Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s. I personally spent the time watching Season 2 of The Office…that’s what she said.

No meeting this week so everyone can get back on track. For those of you that missed or those of you who care we did go over our little action items.
– Secret Santa – gifts were exchanged and opened, no one cried.

– All of us were sort of torn between meeting every week and every other week. For the time being we will meet every other week until someone says something. But one change is that we will read at our normal pace of reading every week.

– We decided to wing the order of books. So far Daywatch is next.

– We decided that it would be really difficult to do the dinners.

Have a great week and we will reconvene on the 12th.


One Response to “Happy 2008!”

  1. Inspector Luv Says:

    What page should we read to?

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