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Day Watch – Two Words January 7, 2008

Filed under: Day Watch — antof9 @ 10:42 am

I totally thought it was one word, which completely stumped me and the Barnes and Noble guy!
Here is our schedule (unless we decide to meet weekly)
January 12th – read up to Chapter 5, page 104
January 19th – no meeting, but if you want a goal read to Chapter 3, page 217
January 26th – read up to Chapter 2, page 341
February 1st or 2nd – either we quietly finish the book or have movie night then discuss the book (Matt said that Day Watch the movie was way better than Night Watch the movie…)

For January 12th would anyone mind if we meet at Le Central for breakfast/brunch? It’s basically across the street from Avianos.
112 E. 8th Avenue, Denver, CO


15 Responses to “Day Watch – Two Words”

  1. antof9 Says:

    LOL at the number of words — I actually had the same problem with Night Watch. I swear the cover of the book is one word, and that’s how it was on one of the sites I looked at (Librarything? Facebook’s Virtual Bookshelf?), but another site had it as two….

    oh well

    If you had just said “let’s meet at le Central”, I’d have said “ok” and been there. Since you were kind enough to ask if anyone minded, I’ll be honest — those raw eggs are still haunting me. If we could put a little more time between the eggs and our next venture there, I’d prefer it. If everyone else really wants to go there, I’ll be a big girl and just order fruit crepes and coffee 🙂

  2. Kelly Says:

    I’ve never been to Le Central, but I am definitely not a fan of raw eggs. I’m fine with where ever we go, my only request is that I’d prefer to stay near downtown, since I think I’ll be going to work afterwards.

  3. Inspector Luv Says:

    It looks like one word on my copy of the book, but I guess it does make more sense as two words. By the way I’m understanding the beginning of the movie a bit better since it appears they combined some things from Night Watch with some things from Day Watch. Having said that, I have no desire to watch the second movie. None. Seriously, not interested.

    I’ve never had breakfast at Le Central, but I enjoyed my lunch there a while back. I know the Brits serve eggs with the white part not fully cooked… maybe it’s a European thing. I don’t find it appealing, but what do you do? Does anyone have another suggestion? I’ll go anywhere once.

  4. antof9 Says:

    I’ll second the “no desire to watch the next movie”, no matter what Matt says 🙂

    Ironically, the French waitress we had didn’t ask how I’d like my eggs (as I recall, the menu said that my meal would be “sided” by eggs. Love the verbing!). I overheard an American waiter (waitress?) ask the next table how they wanted theirs. My own fault, I suppose.

    I’ll go wherever and suck it up. If that’s the best place, we can go back there 🙂

    Now, do you think the WH Smith at Newark will have a copy of Day Watch/Daywatch, so I can get it tomorrow night and start reading?!

  5. Kylle Says:

    IL you were my deciding vote…but you seem to be on the fence. I don’t believe we have ever had this long of a discussion on where to go.

    I’m going to watch the movie because I’m just too curious as to what books they are basing these movies on 🙂

    Their font is really misleading. Maybe that why it isn’t a popular, because no one can find it!

  6. Shanda Says:

    I’m not going to be there this Saturday…but I just feel like I need to stand up for people (be they European or otherwise)who like their eggs runny!

  7. Inspector Luv Says:

    Really? I can understand the yokes being runny, but the white part? That’s so un-American! 😉

    Okay, I rescind my waffling (no pun intended) post and vote to go to Le Central where Ant will surely demand fully cooked eggs. If they provide unsatisfactory eggs, I will tell them how un-American that is and storm out muttering about “Freedom Fries”.

  8. Kylle Says:

    Just because it’s a French restaurant doesn’t mean we have to stoop to French eggs. This is America and as God as my witness Ant will never eat runny eggs again!

    So that settles it Le Central at 10:30 😉

  9. antof9 Says:

    hee hee! I love that you all care enough about me to not make me eat raw eggs. My heart is warmed 🙂 (although those eggs that day were not)

    Our book club could be title consultants …

  10. Kylle Says:

    Reservations under my (old) name for 10:30. You can park for free on the street east of Lincoln.

  11. sam Says:

    misty and i are hoping to come this week, and i can’t wait to hear why everyone loves the books and hates the movies.

  12. Kylle Says:

    Sam, have you SEEN the first movie 🙂

  13. Ant Says:

    I even got a copy at the Newark Airport book store and was able to read this week’s section on the plane. WAHOO! I’m current 🙂

    Ant, hating the scary cover and the first movie

    We’ll miss you, Shanda!

  14. Ant Says:

    re: the translator — I finally have the two books together on my desk. Guess what? Same translator.


  15. sam Says:

    yes, i saw the first movie, and i haven’t read the first book, but i’m about half way through the second one now.

    I loved the first movie long before i found out about the books.
    I haven’t made up my mind about the second movie yet, because I’ve only seen it once in theaters (w/ Matt)

    sorry i didn’t make it last week. (my truck broke down)
    won’t make it this week, i’m going to sundance.

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