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Movie Night January 31, 2008

Filed under: Day Watch — antof9 @ 4:01 pm

I know we had talked about movie night but I’m going to have to un-volunteer my house. I got a nasty bug this week and once you hear my cough you won’t want to come over anyway. But someone else is welcome to host.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


9 Responses to “Movie Night”

  1. Shanda Says:

    Unfortunately, the parents’ house doesn’t make for an ideal movie venue (not to mention that my mother will talk most of the way through:)) So I’m unable to be hospitable.

  2. Inspector Luv Says:

    I’m on the third week of my cold…. we could always go see a movie in the theater.

  3. Inspector Luv Says:

    Into the Wild and the Kite Runner are playing at the new theater cafe on Colfax:

    Neighborhood Flix Cinema & Café
    2510 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

  4. Shanda Says:

    Id be interested in Into the Wild & I’ve been wanting to check out Neighborhood Flix for a while…Oh wait. I checked Fandango & it’s only showing at 11:45AM. Nuts!

    I guess I’m stuck with my Netflix queue!

  5. Kylle Says:

    Though I really want to see Into the Wild I really don’t want to go anywhere. See you guys next week.

  6. Inspector Luv Says:

    Well, would you want to go on Saturday at 11:45? Kind of a late book club? Or maybe we should just cancel due to lack of response. I know Ant is out of town and no one else is responding…

  7. Shanda Says:

    I already have Saturday afternoon plans 😦 I think cancellation is inevitable.

  8. Inspector Luv Says:

    Ok. Sounds good.

  9. Antof9 Says:

    LOL you guys — I was going to encourage you to see Into the Wild, since I don’t want to see that 🙂

    Have a good couple of weeks, and I’ll see you the 16th.

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