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Under the Banner of Heaven February 4, 2008

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Yet another long book title that I will shorten to UtBoH.
This is kind of weird book to read during the Valentine’s Day season. But I guess a bloodbath book reminds us of V-Day’s true heritage.

Okay so I have the hardback version and am trying to convert hardback to paperback. I think there should be an actual conversion table for this. Like 10 hbp equals 1 pbp. Anyway there isn’t so hopefully I have us reading about 100 pages a week. If not let me know.

February 9th – read to chapter 8
February 16th – read to chapter 16
February 23rd – read to chapter 20
March 1st – either have a meeting to finish up the book or movie night.

So for the 9th lets go to Scooter Joes.
726 Lincoln
Denver, CO

See you there.


8 Responses to “Under the Banner of Heaven”

  1. Kylle Says:

    Is anyone else having a hard time reading this? It’s so disturbing to read about all the child manipulation, molestation, and rape. Their view of women is just appauling.

  2. Inspector Luv Says:

    Yes- I found the book to be extremely disturbing and that’s another reason for me not to re-read it. Sadly, many fundamentalists/extremists have a disturbing view of women and their “role”.

    Just an FYI- I won’t be at BBC for the next 3 Saturdays.

  3. Kylle Says:

    IL you will be missed.

    Is anyone else coming on Saturaday? I know Ant is still out of town.

  4. Kelly Says:

    I’m not reading this book. I’m still trying to find time to finish Day Watch. So I probably won’t be there Saturday.

  5. shanda Says:

    I agree about this book being at times almost unbearably disturbing. I have to fault Krakauer a little. Even though it’s “true crime” I feel like he could have made some editing choices to make the message of the book more palatable.

    I feel like the central messages of the book are so needful…but I think the book could have benefitted from a more abreviated history of Mormonism. I don’t think the facts are irrelevant…but I think the level of detail distracts from the overarching moral message.

  6. Antof9 Says:

    hmmm … maybe I shouldn’t have read this entry before buying my copy!

    oh well — I got a 20% off B&N coupon by email, so I guess I’ll use that tonight.

    The bummer is that I also started 1000 Splendid Suns right before we left for Germany, I got halfway through Wuthering Heights on the plane home, and I have an ARC from LibraryThing I wanted to start. Guess I’ll just have to put them all to the side to read a charming bloodbath book for BBC 🙂

  7. Kylle Says:

    There are so many “characters” I get a little confused. I starting reading about Ron Lafferty but thought it was Dan for like 10 pages.

    I think Krakauer is trying to building serious hatred for the Lafferty brothers by telling you the history. He is trying to prove to you that everything about the religion is a fraud beginning with Joseph Smith. I do feel like he is forcing his opinion a little hard, but it is his book.

    It makes my blood boil when I read about how they did turn their wives into slaves. It’s fine if a woman chooses to live that lifestyle, but most of these women were not given that choice.

  8. shanda Says:

    Kylle – I agree about Krakauer’s strong assertions. But I think there are valid reasons for it…which I can’t seem to post concisely so I’ll just have to TELL you my thoughts sometime:)

    However, I’d take strong issue with plural marriage being acceptable as long as someone has been given a choice. It’s a lifestyle that throughout history has in almost all cases been associated with varying levels of oppression & abuse directed towards women. And I’d venture to say that any woman who would make this choice is ill-equipped to make it.

    I know it’s not very kosher to say that someone shouldn’t have a choice. However to me, the “necessity” of freedom & choice doesn’t negate thousands of years of historical precedents pointing to the harmful consequences of this kind of lifestyle.

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