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Movie Night! February 25, 2008

Filed under: Movie Night — antof9 @ 1:36 pm

I’m ready for a movie night, are you? I really liked our Saturday MN last time, but I’m flexible. I thought maybe we could have dinner too. Either get pizza again or perhaps make something. Also we don’t really have a movie. I looked into documentaries on Mormonism or polygamy but most of the stuff out there is presented by the church and wouldn’t be very objective. We could also rent the HBO series Big Love 😉 So suggestions for:

– which night
– what kind of food (if any)
– what movie

Hope you can make it whenever we have it and for whatever we are doing.


16 Responses to “Movie Night!”

  1. shanda Says:

    Saturday night is fine with me. And Pizza is fine as well. I can bring other things (drinks, snacks, etc, just let me know).

    I’ll watch anything. And if we decided before Wed or Thu, I can get it on Netflix so no one has to go to any trouble getting it. Or if we want to go to the theater & see a new move I’m up for that too.

    Here are a few that are in my queue right now that may be of interest to our group. I haven’t seen any of them so I can’t vouch for them:

    Rocket Science
    Margot at the Wedding
    The Jane Austen Book Club
    Michael Clayton
    Across the Universe
    Blood Diamond
    The Fountain
    A Mighty Heart
    This Is England

  2. Kylle Says:

    I’m up for basically any movie. Though I think that since we are a book club we should watch The Jane Austen Book Club 😉

  3. Antof9 Says:

    I just saw The Jane Austen Book Club, and I recommend it fairly highly (possibly because I really liked the book). It’s got a great cast. FYI though the ending is “old Hollywood” … for those of you who prefer the more angsty-type endings 🙂 I’d see it again.

    Blood Diamond is excellent, but hard to watch. The most disappointing thing is that Leonardo is in it, and his “star power” makes the movie focus more on him when it really should focus on the Djimon Hounsou character. It’s really his story, but he’s the smaller star, so the movie has an odd “bent” to Leo.

    I can’t comment on any of the others.

    Not sure yet if I can come or not yet, so feel free to plan and vote without me 🙂 I’ll post when I know what I’m doing.

  4. Antof9 Says:

    Ant update: I am now free on Friday — would that work for anyone else?

    I’m up for dinner, too, and can contribute whatever.

  5. Inspector Luv Says:

    Friday’s good for me, too. My votes:

    Rocket Science
    Michael Clayton
    Across the Universe

    I haven’t heard of most of the others. I’m not really interested in the Jane Austen one, but I don’t mind being out voted.

  6. Antof9 Says:

    I’m interested in Michael Clayton, too. OH! I just checkced IMDB for the other two IL mentioned. I didn’t ever know the title for the Beatles song one! I’d love to see Across the Universe. I also checked on Rocket Science, too. I’d see that as well.

  7. Kylle Says:

    I guess we will meet on Friday. Let’s say 7:00.

  8. shanda Says:

    Michael Clayton is listed as a “long wait” on Netflix. So I’ll get Across the Universe & Rocket Science & we can decide from there.

  9. Inspector Luv Says:

    Sounds good. Are we doing dinner, too?

  10. Kylle Says:

    Want to order pizza?

  11. Antof9 Says:

    Sure! I’m a fan of the ‘za.

    Can I bring anything else? Dessert?

  12. Inspector Luv Says:

    I’ll bring soda, if that’s alright.

  13. Kylle Says:

    That would be great Ant and IL.
    Is everyone okay with a cheese and a supreme? I can order ahead of time so the food gets there by 7:00

  14. Antof9 Says:

    sounds great!

    And Shanda, isn’t that “long wait” thing beyond annoying?!

  15. shanda Says:

    yes…but not as annoying as the fact that 2 of the last 5 movies I received were damaged & wouldn’t play all the way through!!!

  16. Inspector Luv Says:

    Those pizza options are fine with me.

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