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How to be a Bad Blogger April 17, 2008

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Sorry I missed posting last week! I got quite busy and then was out of town. But I’m back!
This is the last meeting for “How to be Good”, which has been interesting and sad. I feel a little bit let down by the ending. But it was such a fast read that Nick Hornby is definately going to be on my list of authors to read.
Let’s meet at Kona Coffee at 226 Union Blvd (just South of 6th Avenue). Also there is a little cafe next to it so if we decide we are hungry we can go to Cafe Bisque.

Two BBC things to think about this week:
Is it okay if we skip movie night (which would have been on the 26th). I need a respite.
Think about which book you want to read next and post your thoughts.
Books Left
The Historian
American Pastoral
Hope to see you there!


One Response to “How to be a Bad Blogger”

  1. Antof9 Says:

    I’ll be there, and I’m ok skipping movie night 🙂

    I have all three books in my posession, so I’m ok with any of them.

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