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American Pastorale goes to Bed – June 14th June 10, 2008

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This is the last week for American Pastorale. I have to admit that I’m a little behind. As we have discussed in previous meetings, the writing is excellent but the pacing is kind of slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for a meeting place? I’m sort of having coffeehouse block.

The next thing we need to discuss is the upcoming book. We have Emma and the Historian to read, post your vote.

A couple of weeks ago Misc, Ins, and myself discussed the possibility of reading one more book from our queue and then saving the last book for later in order to try another “style” of book club. After watching The Jane Austen Book Club I thought it might be kind of cool to read several (or all) books by one author and compare the styles of his/her work. One suggestion was Charles Dickens, others were mentioned but I can’t remember. Anyway begin to think of an author that you might enjoy reading and we will discuss at the next couple of meetings.

See you…wherever 🙂


12 Responses to “American Pastorale goes to Bed – June 14th”

  1. antof9 Says:

    I’m up for it — that sounds like a great idea. And if we OD on an author, we can always throw “Twilight” in there 🙂

    I’d love it if we could do Emma next, as my friend who might join us for The Historian will be in Mongolia from the 19th- 30th. But I’m ok with being overruled, too.

    OH! We could read “Into Thin Air” and then we’d have read all Krakauer, right? (or has he written more than the 2 I know of?)

    Ant, seen “Jane Austen Book Club” 3x

  2. antof9 Says:

    P.S. I have a big fat copy of David Copperfield that I’d love to read for BBC (since I haven’t read it yet ….)

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    I’ve never read a “Tale of Two Cities”, so I’d be interested in reading a series of Dickens’ books. I didn’t enjoy “Great Expectations” in high school, but I’d be willing to re-read it as an adult to see if my opinion has changed.

    Although I’d like to read “Into Thin Air”, I think the idea is to read three books in a row by the same author, then compare them… what are the similarities/ differences? How has the author’s work changed over their lifetime? We were also trying to get back to reading some classics since there has been disappointment in some of the contemporary works we’ve read.

    My vote is also for Emma since I’ve already read the Historian.

    I haven’t ready any AP since the last meeting… I can’t make it this week, so I don’t know if I’ll actually finish it. Thanks for not dragging it out! 😉

  4. antof9 Says:

    I feel like we read “Tale of Two Cities” in school, but there’s no proof of it. Perhaps our class theme of “it was the best of times/it was the worst of times” is what makes me think I’ve actually read it 🙂

    (best opening line evah!

    I have a copy of “Great Expectations”, purchased at the urging of the Fabulous Barker Girls, but still haven’t read it. Would love to do it with BBC.

    I actually have zero interest in “Into Thin Air” (well, maybe 2%!), but since we’d already 2 of his and I know that’s the one where he was actually a participant (which might make it more interesting to me personally), I just threw that out there. I’m fine with skipping it!

    Inspector — I feel like I haven’t seen you in half a year! I miss you!

    … and am still plodding through AP. Am on page 254…

  5. antof9 Says:

    I need to go to the spice shop again on Saturday (what’s new, right?). If we can meet anywhere near downtown, that would help me a lot!

  6. Kylle Says:

    We could go to Mona’s which is across from The Vitamin Cottage. Or we could go to the House of Commons. Either works for me. Text me where you prefer and I’ll ask Misc…we are out of internet pocket 🙂

    I could read either book. Misc will probably be the tie breaker. If everyone is cool with Dickens maybe we could read them. I absolutely love love love Great Expectations. But I’ve found that most people like it the least.

  7. Inspector Love Says:

    Where are you meeting? I might be able to make it, but late. I have training from 9-11, but got out early last week…

  8. Antof9 Says:

    Total subject change, I know, but am I the only person who didn’t know they made Blindness into a movie?!

  9. shanda Says:

    I’m going to try to encapsulate all my responses in one post:

    I had heard about Blindness…and I’m mostly interested in someone seeing it first & telling me if it’s good or not:)

    Sorry about the confusion with Saturday…I thought I’d let Kylle know that I wouldn’t make it. And I wasn’t near email on Friday to see this thread.

    I vote for Emma too. And I’d also be fine reading Into Thin Air at some point.

    Since I love Dickens, this is a no-brainer for me. If we come to a consensus on this, I can put together a little summary of all of his (major) works & we can discuss the ones we want to read the next time we meet. I’d love to read some of the classics, but I think it would be fun to throw in one of his more obscure works like Our Mutual Friend since it’s probably a story that few if any of us have read or are familiar with.

  10. Inspector Love Says:

    I’m in for Dickens… I think most of his books are fairly short and easy to read, so we can do quite a few. I haven’t heard any objections, so let’s do this thing.

    I like the idea of doing something obscure, too. I definitely want to read Tale of Two Cities. I think we should pick something from the beginning of his career as well. Can we go in chronological order?

    Thanks, Shanda, for offering to summarize his works.

    Are we reading Emma next? It might be a nice transition into Dickens…

  11. shanda Says:

    Sounds good to me…and it will give me a good excuse to finally read “What Jane Austen Ate & Charles Dickens Knew” 🙂

  12. antof9 Says:

    Sign me up — chronological order and all 🙂

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