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We’re temporarily a Jane Austen Book Club June 26, 2008

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From Shanda:
Well, Kylle is away from the computer again & asked me to make some plans for this Saturday.

Would anyone be opposed to meeting at Metropolis Coffee on 11th & Cherokee? I thought it might be nice to go to a new place.

I don’t have a copy handy to make an exact determination, but let’s have a goal of reading Volume I by the time we meet. That may not be far enough…but we can make up for it later…and it’s not like most of us don’t already know the story anyway!

Also, if anyone’s plans for coming on Saturday change, would you call or text Kylle or myself as we’ll both be away from the Internet all day tomorrow & Saturday?


3 Responses to “We’re temporarily a Jane Austen Book Club”

  1. antof9 Says:

    Did you guys meet while I was in Vermont? I’m excited to start on this one!

    I assume we’re planning a movie night (or nights) so we can watch Clueless and Emma (w/ Gwyneth), right? It’s my opinion that we should watch them in that order 🙂

  2. cobookclub Says:

    We might have to have a 2-part movie night 😉

    Gwyneth’s Emma is SO similar to the book!

  3. shanda Says:

    …or the BBC Kate Beckinsale one with Samantha Morton & Mark Strong

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