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AToTC – That just looks cool September 11, 2008

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Hello everyone.
Hope you are enjoying AToTC. I bought the Sparks Notes this past weekend and I’m excited to read them and hear their insights into the book. I’m not quite done yet and am not sure if I should start reading the SN now or wait until I’m done with the book…we will see.

At the last meeting we set-up a schedule of reading. Due to the “Big Day” we decided to not meet again until the 27th. At that meeting we will finish up AToTC. This will give everyone the chance to catch up on the reading.

Let’s also be thinking about the next Dickens book. Does anyone have a suggestion?


5 Responses to “AToTC – That just looks cool”

  1. shanda Says:

    Great Expectations would probably be the easiest sell. However, I’d love to read Our Mutual Friend or the Pickwick Papers. Martin Chuzzlewit might be timely with in terms of politics as it sort of has a European anti-American slant.

    But you guys just decide.

  2. antof9 Says:

    I’m ok with any of those — I really have no opinion 🙂

    Just tell me so I can make sure I get a copy! Looking forward to talking about Tale of Two after the wedding 🙂

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    Well, we’ve read one of his most famous works… let’s read one that’s not on the high school reading list. You’ve peaked my interest in Martin Chuzzlewit, but I’d be up for any of them really.

  4. antof9 Says:

    I’m ok with the Chuzzlewit vote — especially because Jasper Fforde’s book talks about that a LOT, and I’ll be honest in my ignorance; I’m pretty sure when I was reading that series I hadn’t a clue that it was a Dickens book!

  5. Kylle Says:

    Martin Chuzzlewit it is!

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