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I’m on crack… October 2, 2008

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Sorry everyone. Last post I totally thought the Komen Race was on Saturday. Let’s meet on Saturday at 10:30 at the House of Commons to discuss our final thoughts on AToTC. At that time we can discuss movie night too!

Our next book is Martin Chuzzlewit.

See you on Saturday.


4 Responses to “I’m on crack…”

  1. antof9 Says:


    See you Saturday … and Sunday 🙂

  2. antof9 Says:

    … and ease up on the crack 🙂

  3. Inspector Love Says:

    Hey, BBCers.

    I’m volunteering at the library most of Saturday because of the Booklover’s Ball fundraiser. So, if we’re still planning to watch the movie this weekend, my vote is for Friday if that’s okay.



  4. antof9 Says:

    So I finally finished on my way to Charleston. It’s fascinating to me how this book gets more ane more interesting and easier to read, the farther into you get.

    I’m also highly intrigued at having both a famous opening and closing. How often does that happen?

    Last, and most important (to me, anyway), I was thrilled with the ending. I loved that the indefatigueable Miss Pross got to handle such a critical role, and I also liked the accidental nature of it. You guys were right about how bloodthirsty Madame LaFarge was. What a great word for her!

    Yay for Styver, striving to do good, and yay for great escapes.

    Am looking forward to reading the Sparks Notes, as I wonder if any other names were so obvious as Stryver and Lorry. Well, there’s The Vengeance, but that’s a gimme.

    Anyway, I’m ready for Chuzzlewit. Just mad at myself for buying another book with a tiny font!

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