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Martin Chuzzlewhere? October 24, 2008

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UPDATED – We will meet at Cafe Caliente at 10:30 am

Something must have happened to the site, because the following post I wrote on Tuesday didn’t go up. Sorry for that! I really did get things in on time 🙂

I still don’t have my copy of Martin Chuzzlewit…are there only like 10 copies floating around in this world. I need a little help from the lucky few that actually have the book. Can someone break it down and tell us a good stopping place? I can read it online, but I can’t tell how many “pages” things are because there isn’t a computer screen to page conversion chart. From what I can gather this book is kind of long (in the 900 neighborhood) so I don’t know how much we want to bite off each week. Let me know!

Also…there aren’t any Spark/Cliff Notes available but I’m going to try to compile some stuff via the internet.

As for this week…any suggestions for where to meet?


13 Responses to “Martin Chuzzlewhere?”

  1. shanda Says:

    I STILL don’t have my copy but I’m I’ve been trying to listen to the audio book.

    I have a suggestion for where to meet: Cafe Caliente in the Highlands area. I’ve never been there but I happened to be driving through the neighborhood earlier this week & there were a couple of interesting shops in the area (cheese, tea, etc) that I wanted to check out.

    It’s on 32nd & Lowell

  2. Inspector Love Says:

    I haven’t started the book, yet. I got a copy from the library- it’s massive! I love the Highlands area, so that’s fine with me!

  3. shanda Says:

    I vaguely remember Kylle saying we would be meeting this week…maybe it was my faulty ears or the crack she’s been doing. Anyway, she’s going to be out of town & I’m doing a work day at North High on Saturday. So a Barker-free BBC might be refreshing, but I just thought I’d put a comment so no one would be expecting a plan for this week.

  4. Kylle Says:

    Sorry everyone. I didn’t know shanda would be out next week too. I was going to post info for a meeting this week. Would everyone else like to meet next week or not? Let me know.

  5. antof9 Says:

    I have the book, STILL haven’t started it, was going to do the work day, but now have to go out of town on Sunday for work and have to do a bunch of stuff on Saturday that I can’t do Sunday or next week.

    I sound neurotic. I can meet, but if it’s just me and IL, is that silly?

  6. Inspector Love Says:

    Actually, I have a lot going on this weekend, so l don’t mind skipping this week. I’ve started the book, but it’s slow going.

  7. shanda Says:

    How far are we reading to this week…and where are we meeting?

  8. Inspector Love Says:

    I can’t make it this week. 😦

  9. antof9 Says:

    the good news: I finally started the book on my flight out here last Sunday.
    the bad news: I’m not flying home until Saturday afternoon

    Let me know where in the book we are supposed to be so I can be sure I’m current!

  10. shanda Says:

    Kylle? Kylle? where are you?

    I guess we can go craft shopping in lieu of BC this week. But can you post where to read to for next week today so we can all get on top of things for next week.

    Anyone opposed to meeting at Cafe Caliente again (for next week)?

  11. Inspector Love Says:

    Sounds good to me. I like that place. I think I need a lighter copy of the book…

  12. Inspector Love Says:

    Ok, since Kylle is MIA, I’ll pick a stopping point. How about reading through chapter XVI “Martin disembarks from that noble…”? It’s about 100 pages from our last stop. I now have a paperback and I’m taking it with me to Florida tomorrow, so hopefully I can get caught up.

  13. shanda Says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me.

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