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Movie Night Recap: Tale of Two Cities November 17, 2008

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Those members of the BBC who missed out on the movie night last night didn’t really miss out on much, except a lot of:

    Cool Ranch Doritos
    Gummi Bears
    “that wasn’t in the book!”
    a lot of imdb trivia such as: Chris Sarandon (Darnay/Carton) was Susan Sarandon’s first husband, and Alice Krige plays Lucie Manette well enough to later become the Borg Queen
    a whole lotta giggling at Gaspard’s fabulously 80s feathered hair (I think that was the character)

It was probably a good recap of the book, but really left so much out and took so many other liberties that we had a hard time taking it too seriously. It was also really slow, so there was plenty of time for visiting, which was nice.

Continuing in our “read it to me” vein, the next meeting of BBC will be the beginning of the Martin Chuzzlewit mini-series at Kylle’s house on the 22nd at 10:30. If you need directions, contact her directly, as we won’t post her address here on the blog.

Kylle — do you want to post a list of things we can bring and then we can sign up?


9 Responses to “Movie Night Recap: Tale of Two Cities”

  1. shanda Says:

    I missed gummi bears? NO!!

    See you on Saturday.

  2. antof9 Says:

    There is a huge bag left, which I would be happy to relinquish to you!

    Kylle — does that count as breakfast food?

  3. shanda Says:

    Since Kylle is MIA, I was thinking about making the sausage biscuit casserole that I think we’ve made before for Saturday unless there are any objections.

  4. Kylle Says:


  5. antof9 Says:

    re: sausage biscuit casserole: no objection on my end
    re: pancakes — no objection to those either

    Does that mean we’ll have a carbfest? Does that mean the sisters need to fight between themselves on which one we have? Does that mean I should bring syrup? (no, not for the fight)

  6. shanda Says:

    I’d definitely come prepared for a fight:) I think syrup would be great since I think Kylle may keep the sugar free kind (yuck)

  7. antof9 Says:

    copy that. Sugar free syrup is an abomination.

  8. Inspector Love Says:

    I can come, but I have to leave early… what should I bring? I have pure maple syrup, coffee, soy milk… I don’t get out much.

  9. Inspector Love Says:

    I’ve made it up to 200. I was able to confirm the good people Trifecta.

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