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Finishing Middlesex February 9, 2009

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For Saturday, February 14, let’s finish Middlesex. Book 4 goes quickly, and hopefully should tie up some loose ends. Since the Inspector will be away, we’ll have a West-Side BBC this week. Is there any place you’ve been dying to try? There’s a possibility of meeting at Ant’s house (will know more later in the week).

For future planning, we had scheduled Edgar Sawtelle next, but the paperback version comes out in June. I’m wondering if we want to re-visit our schedule, or if everyone is ok getting their hands on a hardback or library version and reading it next?

Either way, in keeping with our “week off after finishing” strategy, we won’t meet on Feb 21. We’ll resume meeting on Feb 28 with whatever new book we choose.

As a reminder, the remaining books on our list are:
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
What is the What?
Great Expectations
or Bleak House


11 Responses to “Finishing Middlesex”

  1. Antof9 Says:

    For voting purposes, I’d love to read one (or both) of the Dickens next. I know we thought we’d OD’d on him with Chuzzlewit, but I’m already ready to jump back in! Plus, we had talked about “What is the What” being rather heavy subject matter and putting that off for a bit.

    Or … I could suck it up and by the hardback of Sawtelle, but I’ll be honest; it’s not my first choice (and I’m guessing all the libraries are out of it because of our friend Oprah).

  2. Antof9 Says:

    um … “buy”

  3. antof9 Says:

    Since we talked about Confessions of a Shopaholic at last week’s BBC, I felt compelled to post this from the Fug Girls, because it says exactly how I felt about the books!

  4. Kylle Says:

    Considering their are 300 holds on the Sawtelle book we will all be buying it 😉

    I’m totally okay with reading Great Expectations. It’s not as heavy as the Chuzzlewit. And much more interesting.

  5. antof9 Says:

    LOL, Kylle. On multiple levels 🙂

  6. shanda Says:

    I’m of course okay with GE or any Dickens book. It can’t hurt to try, right?

    And I’d also rather wait for the paperback unless there are strong objections.

    Sadly, I’m going to miss coming this Saturday. We’re looking at houses & getting an early start. I’m way behind on Middlesex anyway thanks to my painful work week.

  7. InspectorLuv Says:

    I agree on waiting for the paperback. Um, I guess Great Expectations is okay. I hope my mind is forever changed on the entertainment value of GE.

  8. Kylle Says:

    I have some book suggestions and if I don’t write them down here I won’t remember them.

    Cutting for Stone
    Harmony Silk Farmer
    The Vote (might be kind of cool since currently we are all females)

    Just some thoughts.

  9. shanda Says:

    I read about 2 books in this week’s EW that piqued my interest:

    Cutting the Stone by Abraham Verghese
    The Help by Kathryn Stockett

    Has anyone else heard of them? Any interest in reading? I did read that Cutting the Stone is quite lengthy though.

  10. antof9 Says:

    I think we talked about “The Vote” once before, long ago. I’m ok adding any of these to our list … although I do prefer paperbacks, if they’re new 🙂

    Is everyone else ok with adding these 3 to our list? (I’m thinking “Cutting the Stone” and “Cutting for Stone” are probably the same title. If everyone is ok with that, I’ll re-post our “coming up” book list.

  11. shanda Says:

    oh brother. I didn’t even see that:)

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