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Middlesex: Book 3 February 4, 2009

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For Saturday, February 7’s BBC, read through Book three (if you have the paperback copy that’s in stores now, you’ll read through page 397).

Let’s meet at Aviano Coffee — we haven’t been there in ages, and I’m in the mood for some latte art 🙂

See you all at 10:30 (unless the Inspector is volunteering — see comments for info — then we’ll meet at 10:00).

Since at least half of us think the story would be interesting enough in and of itself without the incest factor, let’s explore that a little. I can’t help but wonder if Book 3 will answer that question.


Middlesex: Book 1 of 2009 January 20, 2009

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OK — hopefully we’ve all gotten a chance to actually buy or check out the book, so let’s make it official and assign an amount to be read by this Saturday’s meeting. The author has obligingly divided the book into sections, so let’s read through “Book One”, which ends at page 76 if you have the trade paperback edition.

Let’s meet at House of Commons again, unless someone really wants to meet elsewhere. I’m happy to give them our business if everyone else is 🙂

We’ll meet at our normal 10:30 unless the Inspector is volunteering. Then we’ll meet at 10:00 (but don’t come early, because the tea shop doesn’t open until 10!). Inspector, please let us know in the comments.