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What is the Schedule? May 14, 2009

Filed under: Books read in 2009,Movie Night,What is the What — antof9 @ 10:38 am

Ok gang — it looks like our calendar could be questionable in the next few weeks. We already know the sisters are unavailable on the 16th (composting class?!), and Ant has something on the 23rd. The 30th is a holiday weekend, so how does everyone feel about not meeting until June 6, when we can also finish “What is the What”? Does that work for everyone?

Future scheduling:

  • Finishing Great Expectations on VHS — any chance you could all come on Friday night (yes, the 15th) around 7-7:30?
  • Movie night for “What is the What”? Now taking suggestions/ideas
  • Since some of our other books are still only available in hardback, we’ll do “Snow in August” next (first meeting week would be June 20)

3 Responses to “What is the Schedule?”

  1. April aka InspectorLuv aka Fugly Says:

    Okay, but I’ll miss you!

  2. Shanda Says:

    So we’re meeting next on June 6th or 20th…I’m confused…

  3. Antof9 Says:

    Sorry if it’s confusing! On the 6th we finish “What is the What”, and on the 20th we start “Snow in August”. Clear as mud?

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