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What is the Schedule? May 14, 2009

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Ok gang — it looks like our calendar could be questionable in the next few weeks. We already know the sisters are unavailable on the 16th (composting class?!), and Ant has something on the 23rd. The 30th is a holiday weekend, so how does everyone feel about not meeting until June 6, when we can also finish “What is the What”? Does that work for everyone?

Future scheduling:

  • Finishing Great Expectations on VHS — any chance you could all come on Friday night (yes, the 15th) around 7-7:30?
  • Movie night for “What is the What”? Now taking suggestions/ideas
  • Since some of our other books are still only available in hardback, we’ll do “Snow in August” next (first meeting week would be June 20)

BBC Calendar — Here’s the Plan April 4, 2009

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Great Expectations: finished today and looking forward to the miniseries!
What is the What: read the first 5 chapters (sorry, Kylle — they appear to be Roman Numberals again!) for the next BBC meeting.

  • Saturday the 11th: in keeping with our “take a week off after each book” policy, there will be no BBC on the 11th.
  • Saturday the 18th: since we’re meeting on the 19th for “Movie Night”, there will be no meeting on the 18th.
  • Sunday the 19th: Meet at 3:30 at Ant’s. Dinner will be provided. Email if you need directions. We can briefly (or more) discuss the first 5 chapters of WitW before starting the VCR 🙂
  • Saturday the 25th: Ant has to work, so someone else is in charge 🙂

Yes we are! November 12, 2008

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(a slightly cheesy nod to our President-elect’s campaign slogan)

… meeting this weekend. Come rain or shine or even if we finally get snow, BBC will meet this Saturday, November 15 at 10:30 at Cafe Caliente.

Kylle has taken the time to give us a reading breakdown, and the first chunk was to Chapter 7. However, in looking at the Inspector’s last comment on the previous entry, it looks like we might be farther along than that. Thus, I’m opting for Chunk #2 and telling you to read to Chapter 13.

For future meetings, here is the breakdown so you can stay current, even if a blog entry isn’t posted early in the week:
To Chapter 7
To Chapter 13
To Chapter 20
To Chapter 28
To Chapter 36
To Chapter 44
To Chapter 50
To The End

And to discuss at BBC this week:
If everyone is in town this week, we could watch Tale of Two Cities (finally) at my (Ant’s) house Sun, Tues, Wed, or Thurs.


BBC does Earth Hour March 24, 2008

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As Ant informed us this Saturday, March 29th is Earth Hour. Basically everyone is going to turn off their lights and non-essential electrical applicances for one hour starting at 8pm. I think BBC should participate. Ant suggested that we go see a movie or go to a mall, this way we can participate without sitting in the dark eating fondue. Please post your suggestions of what we can do.

To get more info on Earth Hour:


Movie Night! February 25, 2008

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I’m ready for a movie night, are you? I really liked our Saturday MN last time, but I’m flexible. I thought maybe we could have dinner too. Either get pizza again or perhaps make something. Also we don’t really have a movie. I looked into documentaries on Mormonism or polygamy but most of the stuff out there is presented by the church and wouldn’t be very objective. We could also rent the HBO series Big Love 😉 So suggestions for:

– which night
– what kind of food (if any)
– what movie

Hope you can make it whenever we have it and for whatever we are doing.


Movie Nightwatch – AMMENDMENT December 27, 2007

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We will have movie night on Saturday (December 29th) at 7:30. We do have a couple of agenda items to discuss.
– Secret Santas (most important)
– Do we want to continue to meet every other week?
– The order of the next books.
– BBC dinners as opposed to Saturday mornings.

You should have received an email entitled Book Exchange which contains your person for the event.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! See you soon.


1984: The Movie September 24, 2007

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Well there is an 1984 movie, but not everyone seemed too thrilled at the prospect. (BTW: Into the Wild is not out yet 😦 sorry!)

So post what movie you would like to see this Friday, 7:30 at my house.