Barely a Book Club

Teetering on the edge of a normal book club

7/15/06 – The Smoking Dillard July 12, 2006

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As I am not commenting on Tinker Creek I need to find other things to fill this post.  First of all I would invite everyone to come next Saturday because you have missed some pretty great meetings.  Also, we all need to prove to Sam that we have something worth saying and that we are more intelligent than some of us might appear.

I would like to bring forward a book club name that M. came up with:
Barely a Book Club
…because truely we teeter on the edge most Saturdays.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. We will meet at Clement Park (again) and I have checked the weather and they are forcasting mid 90’s. In the event it rains we will meet at this Starbucks – 8246-C West Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO.


7/8/2006 – Pilgrims and Parks July 6, 2006

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Last week…

I’m not giving away anything about this book because if you want to find the little gems of interesting information you have to read the book. If you wade through the frogs, snake skins, and disgusting bird carnage stories, you will find some incredibly insightful blurbs that make it all worth the read.

Because of the “nature” of our book I feel we should continue to meet at parks during the duration of PaTC. And since BC coincides with Red Rocks annual picnic let us change our location to Clement Park. I’m sure we can find a nice corner to discuss up to Chapter 12.

Dogs are welcome, Kaida will once again be attending. Hopefully Missy will come because she make Kaida look better!


7/1/06 – Visting Tinker Creek June 28, 2006

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We had a great movie night last Friday, even if we waited a little too late in the evening to begin. Some things we covered:
  – What exactly was the book that changed Dorian’s life?
  – Did the picture merely paint Dorian’s soul, how did his age fit in?
  – And last week I failed to mention that we discussed the book in the gay community.

This week we are starting the Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and reading up to Chapter 7. Let’s meet at the park on Yale and Garrison (with the Stone House on it). I will bring some donuts or muffins.

Have a great week.

PS – I have the book club flyers. I will post it on the blog, but I have copies if you want.
PSS – Did anyone notice my awful typo on the bookmark? Is anyone reading them??