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Split Second June 26, 2007

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Welcome back everyone! I’m very excited to start Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, these types of books are so interesting to read. Although we previously discussed reading this book in one week, it might be better to spread it over two. Let’s read up to chapter 5. I’ve been trying to think of a good location…anyone have any suggestions?

Also check out “Enchanted Grounds” in Littleton. I can’t figure out if it’s cool or a little scary. Maybe we can check it out, though it might be a drive for some.


Pick a Flick June 18, 2007

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Hope everyone is having a great summer (technically summer isn’t until Thursday but I’m taking liberties since no one will read this until later in the week anyway.) I have to tell you that I’m very excited about Blink and I think it will make for some great conversations. Even if you don’t read the book I think you will be able to join in.

I’m volunteering my place for movie night this Friday at 7:00, but I don’t have a movie suggestion. Seeing that the latest Beowulf/Grendel remake was completely heinous let’s avoid it. I’m up for anything…except the Saw movies.
(If you need directions to my house, please email me.)

Lastly, it’s that time of year to start thinking about new books. I’m attaching the newest list. It contains all the books that received votes last time (PS I bought Confederacy of Dunces at a yard sale so I’m going to vote for it), and all the comments from the Book Suggestion post. If I have missed a suggestion please let me know. I’m excited about many of the choices!!




Things are a-changing… June 13, 2007

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Okay well the only thing that is changing is the new background. What does everyone think? I thought it was time for a fresh look.

Hope everyone is enjoying Grendel. I fear that some of the verbage has gone over my head, and I’m as lost as Grendel was during the talk with the dragon. I also wish I remembered more of Beowulf. Perhaps someone can give a little review for all of us who don’t remember back to 7th grade.

Shanda and I both agree that we are in a bit of a coffee house rut so let’s switch to tea this week and if anyone has some suggestions about places to meet let me know.
House of Commons (we have reservations under Kylle.)

2401 Fifteenth Street
Denver, CO


To prepare you for the next 4 weeks … June 4, 2007

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Another guest blog entry by Ant …

So we finished Son of a Witch this week — if you didn’t read it because you didn’t like Wicked, you should know that it’s much better, and actually had an editor.  That’s all I’m saying.

Since the next two books will go by fast, we wanted to make sure everyone was fully informed and ready to participate in BBC.  Hang on and pay attention!

  • Saturday, June 9:  we’re off
  • Saturday, June 16:  Grendel
  • Saturday, June 23:  off
  • Saturday, June 30:  Blink

Get your copy of the book and start reading.  Locations for BBC will be announced before we meet each week.


Son of Witch Part Trois 6/2/07 June 1, 2007

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Hey everyone…I heard through the grapevine that no plans were officially mentioned for this week so I thought I would just name a place. I have no idea where you are in the book so…read until your little hearts content.

Let’s meet at Penn Street Perk. (It did get rave reviews from our own Kelly and Ant.)

1300 Pennsylvania Street, Suite 101
Denver, CO