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Can you believe! January 26, 2007

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Can you believe it’s almost February! That means we are close to picking a new selection of books. On Saturday I will bring the books that were on the last list.

I realize that we are in a bit of a slump…myself included, but I think we have 2 great books coming up. Since this is late notice let’s read half of the Great Divorce that’s 80 pages. By request we are meeting at the tea house at 10:30.

 See you there.


In Cold Door?? January 17, 2007

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Saturday – 10:30; Note left on the door at Mojo:

Our door is frozen shut. We will try again at 12:00pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My intial thought was…”let me try, I’m sure I can get it open”. My second thought “have they every heard of De-icer”? I know for a fact that they lost 8 customers from 10:30-11:00. Needless to say book club was cancelled. But beyond the closed coffee house it seems we are in a bit of a rut. Sam suggested we just watch the movie on Saturday and go from there. Maybe we can discuss some options to change things up. I’ll send out an e-vite for this Saturday.



Snow, Rain, Sleet… January 12, 2007

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With another storm looming I thought it might be best to go to a coffee place right off a major road. Strange though it may be the quaint little Mojo coffee place off of Wadsworth might be a safe choice.

Shanda mentioned that everyone had decided to read half the book. While I still contest that the books I have seen are over 400 pages I do not have a copy myself. So read to wherever Shanda mentioned!

See you there.

Mojos –  on Wadsworth and Ohio, which is just South of Alameda. It’s in the shopping center with a Blockbuster and an Office Max


Welcome to 2007 January 4, 2007

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Well we are back and ready for a new year at Barely a Book Club! Hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. We will be meeting at Cafe Europa and finishing up The Thirteeneth Tale. See you at 10:30