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Teetering on the edge of a normal book club

We’re temporarily a Jane Austen Book Club June 26, 2008

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From Shanda:
Well, Kylle is away from the computer again & asked me to make some plans for this Saturday.

Would anyone be opposed to meeting at Metropolis Coffee on 11th & Cherokee? I thought it might be nice to go to a new place.

I don’t have a copy handy to make an exact determination, but let’s have a goal of reading Volume I by the time we meet. That may not be far enough…but we can make up for it later…and it’s not like most of us don’t already know the story anyway!

Also, if anyone’s plans for coming on Saturday change, would you call or text Kylle or myself as we’ll both be away from the Internet all day tomorrow & Saturday?


The Dickens Decision June 20, 2008

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Dickens Novel Summaries

Message from Shanda:
Okay, if I would have known how hard this would be I would not have volunteered! It’s so hard to give summaries of these books without giving away story details…and I think I basically ruined the climax of several for myself by doing research! So if you have questions, ask me. Do not go to Wikipedia or the Charles Dickens Page!

But hopefully it’s enough detail for everyone. Just bear in mind that many of Dickens’ novels follow characters from childhood to maturity…or death. So a lot more happens that the summary!

I’ve also listed his short stories & other works. I did not take the time to summarize A Christmas Carol & the Christmas stories. But if it needs to be done I can do it. But to me, it would seem like we’d want to commit to & dive into some of the novels first anyway.

Hopefully everyone has a chance to read this over before we meet so we can have a better sense of what we want to read among the choices.


Want to see a movie? June 19, 2008

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Would anyone like to go see Young @ Heart this weekend? It’s a documentary about some senior citizens who form a choir and perform rock songs by groups like the Clash, Coldplay, and even Metallica! It’s showing at Chez Artiste at 4:00, 6:45 or 9:20.

We will be reading Emma next starting on June 28th. At that meeting we will discuss the Dickens books we want to read.

Post if and when you can go to see the movie.


American Pastorale goes to Bed – June 14th June 10, 2008

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This is the last week for American Pastorale. I have to admit that I’m a little behind. As we have discussed in previous meetings, the writing is excellent but the pacing is kind of slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for a meeting place? I’m sort of having coffeehouse block.

The next thing we need to discuss is the upcoming book. We have Emma and the Historian to read, post your vote.

A couple of weeks ago Misc, Ins, and myself discussed the possibility of reading one more book from our queue and then saving the last book for later in order to try another “style” of book club. After watching The Jane Austen Book Club I thought it might be kind of cool to read several (or all) books by one author and compare the styles of his/her work. One suggestion was Charles Dickens, others were mentioned but I can’t remember. Anyway begin to think of an author that you might enjoy reading and we will discuss at the next couple of meetings.

See you…wherever 🙂