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Movie Night! February 25, 2008

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I’m ready for a movie night, are you? I really liked our Saturday MN last time, but I’m flexible. I thought maybe we could have dinner too. Either get pizza again or perhaps make something. Also we don’t really have a movie. I looked into documentaries on Mormonism or polygamy but most of the stuff out there is presented by the church and wouldn’t be very objective. We could also rent the HBO series Big Love 😉 So suggestions for:

– which night
– what kind of food (if any)
– what movie

Hope you can make it whenever we have it and for whatever we are doing.


UTBoH – Part 3 February 21, 2008

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I’m very excited about discussing this book. I think is the first time in our history where we have cancelled to meetings in a row!
I think technically we are supposed to read up to Chapter 20, but it seems like most people have finished the book already. Maybe we can wrap it up this week and then do movie night the following week.

Let’s meet at Stella’s. See you there.


UtBoH – Part 2 February 12, 2008

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Either this book is an easy read or it’s just that interesting, but I’m flying through it. I really like Jon Krakauer as an author. He has an easy-flowing style of writing. In some of the other posts we had discussed that it does seem that all the extra Mormon history is a little superflous to the story though.

While I’m reading I’m trying to make a conscious effort to separate the “characters” in this book from regular everyday Mormons. The last thing I want to do is lump everyone into the same Fundamentalist bucket. At the same time I’m trying to understand why these men felt they had the right to treat others they way they do.

Read to Chapter 16. I’m not sure if there will be a meeting this week. Me and Misc are out of town and so is IL. Please post if you would like to meet.


Under the Banner of Heaven February 4, 2008

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Yet another long book title that I will shorten to UtBoH.
This is kind of weird book to read during the Valentine’s Day season. But I guess a bloodbath book reminds us of V-Day’s true heritage.

Okay so I have the hardback version and am trying to convert hardback to paperback. I think there should be an actual conversion table for this. Like 10 hbp equals 1 pbp. Anyway there isn’t so hopefully I have us reading about 100 pages a week. If not let me know.

February 9th – read to chapter 8
February 16th – read to chapter 16
February 23rd – read to chapter 20
March 1st – either have a meeting to finish up the book or movie night.

So for the 9th lets go to Scooter Joes.
726 Lincoln
Denver, CO

See you there.