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Enter the Twilight Zone November 29, 2007

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I have to admit this book has kept me on the edge of seat. I have gotten so engaged by the characters that they evoke emotion…anger!! My inner dialogue:
No don’t do that, it’s going to be bad.
Are you nuts don’t you see it coming.
Oh man, see I told you!!

I’m equally interested in the discussion between good and evil and the rationalization between who live and dies. Hopefully its something we can discuss this week at the Duffey’s Bakery. We are reading up to 208.

Duffey’s Bakery Cafe
1225 S. Pearl Street
Denver, CO


Change is Good November 13, 2007

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Well our first big change is the book we are reading, Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko. I think this is a first read in this genre for the BBC. What it this genre you ask? Well from what I can tell its kind of a sci-fi/vampire/action/drama. Should be interesting!

Second big change…for the next two months we will only be meeting every other week. We thought we would give this a try especially because of the approaching holidays. So here is the schedule for the next few weeks.
November 17th – Nightwatch, read to Chapter 6 page 109
November 24th – Stay home and have a good Thanksgiving with family and friends
December 1st – Nightwatch, read to Chapter 2 page 208
December 8th – Stay home and watch cartoons
December 15th – Nightwatch, read to Story 3 page 330
December 22nd – Stay home and finish wrapping Christmas presents
December 29th – Nightwatch, the end

This week lets meet at Aviano. We haven’t meet there in a long time. I will try to reserve the upstairs area.
955 Lincoln St., Suite G

Also remember to keep posting book suggestions!!


Not Dead Yet! November 7, 2007

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Sorry for the delay in communication I have been out of town.

Since I have been delinquent and probably no one has started reading Nightwatch, let’s get together at my house for waffles and start planning for the next couple of months.

If someone could bring drinks or if someone wants to bring something else just post!

Also bring your ideas for the next books!

Need directions? Contact