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BBC Calendar — Here’s the Plan April 4, 2009

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Great Expectations: finished today and looking forward to the miniseries!
What is the What: read the first 5 chapters (sorry, Kylle — they appear to be Roman Numberals again!) for the next BBC meeting.

  • Saturday the 11th: in keeping with our “take a week off after each book” policy, there will be no BBC on the 11th.
  • Saturday the 18th: since we’re meeting on the 19th for “Movie Night”, there will be no meeting on the 18th.
  • Sunday the 19th: Meet at 3:30 at Ant’s. Dinner will be provided. Email if you need directions. We can briefly (or more) discuss the first 5 chapters of WitW before starting the VCR 🙂
  • Saturday the 25th: Ant has to work, so someone else is in charge 🙂

Expect Nothing More March 25, 2009

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Ok — here’s the plan for the end of Great Expectations. No BBC Saturday, March 28. Keep reading, though. We should finish the book by Saturday, April 4. Shanda had two suggestions for meeting places for the 4th, so we’ll plan on one of them once she posts.

Look for an email about BBC Movie Night.


Expecting Scones March 17, 2009

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For March 21, let’s try for House of Commons again 🙂

We’re doing 10 more chapters, so read through chapter 40, and we’ll see you on Saturday at 10:30. We’re looking at the Anthony Hopkins version (which is almost a mini-series) for movie night(s), and trying to figure out dates that will work for all of us.


Great Expectations: March 14 March 12, 2009

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Let’s read the next 10 chapters — that means read through Chapter 30, and meet at House of Commons at 10:30.

And as discussed, if you want to pick up the next book we’ll be reading, it’s Dave Eggers’ What is the What.


Great Expectations for March 7 March 3, 2009

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Even though we didn’t meet last week, let’s keep making forward progress. Read through Chapter 20 for this week. It’s been a while since we visited Stella, right? Let’s give her a little BBC support and meet at Stella’s on Pearl at 10:30.


Expectantly … February 19, 2009

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It’s time to start Great Expectations. I’m guessing we all have a different copy, but fortunately, this old-fashioned book actually has chapter breaks 🙂 For lack of anything more creative or original, how about if we just start with the first 10 chapters? We can re-adjust if we need to once we’ve read that many.

Let’s meet on Saturday, Feb 28, at Stella’s.

And for anyone who was confused by the last couple of dates I proposed, well, I clearly was too 🙂 My apologies for setting a schedule and then not looking at it again!


Onward and Upward December 29, 2008

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It’s the end of one year and the beginning of another, and we have some things to decide:

    1. Do we want to keep watching Chuzzlewit?
    2. If yes, when should we meet again? Does January 10 sound good?
    3. Also if yes, do we wait to start another book until we’re done?
    4. Regardless of “when”, is the next book going to be “The Historian”, since that was on our list from last time?
    5. And then do we want to read some more Dickens?
    6. Last, do we want to resume our every Saturday meeting time? Maybe we should just meet on the 10th to discuss “business” 🙂

Regardless of these answers and more, Happy New Year to all!