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Better than the Oscars…and you get to vote! February 27, 2007

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This week we will be finishing up EL&IC and will be meeting at Common Ground. I’ll try to reserve the little side room with all the games in it. Right now I’m saying the time is 10:30 because it seems we all love each other’s company so much that the trial 9:00 time did not yield any faster results! Put your thoughts below about a time change.

The voting process is beginning. We have quite a lengthy list but many good books to choose from. Keep in mind that while it may be a good book it may not be a good Book Club book. Voting ends March 5th. Again it doesn’t matter whether you are a regularly attender or not anyone can vote. Due to the length of the list everyone gets 6 votes.



Extremely Interesting February 22, 2007

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As in the past there are just some books that are really discussion worthy. EL&IC is one of those books. I don’t think I can put a synopsis of our conversation on the blog. So if you wanna know be there. If you can’t make it to our discussions I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It’s a real insight into the way I think more and more books are going to be published.

This week 9:00 at Village Inn. The one on 6th and Simms (North side of 6th by the Lone Star). I think someone mentioned trying to go early and saving a table. If you do try to let the front know so that all those that might be joining for the first time can find you. If that doesn’t work, all new people, just start reading aloud from the book and we will find you 😉

Read to page 208 or the beginning of the chapter “Why I’m not where you are”.


When is a title too wordy? February 13, 2007

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* Note: For my sanity I will be referring to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close as EL&IC.

Well we are back this week with a new book. I just started it on Saturday and really like it so far. I’m excited to see what everyone else thinks. Let’s read up to page 86 or the chapter “The Only Animal”. I will reserve the upstairs room at Aviano’s. When you get there just tell them you are with the book club.

See you at 10:30!