Barely a Book Club

Teetering on the edge of a normal book club

Places We Go October 24, 2007

Aviano –

955 Lincoln St., Suite G, Denver  303.860.7054

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4 Responses to “Places We Go”

  1. Lisa Christine Says:

    This is a great website. And you read some great books. Are you for real as a book group who get together? I have just never been part of a book group who wasn’t initially a group of friends so am curious how this works.

  2. Kylle Says:

    We are the real book club deal! Usually we meet every week and talk about books and etc. (after all we are Barely a Book Club) but actually we have good discussions more often than not.

    Well we started off being strangers. Some came because of flyers some because of craigslist or just internet searches for book clubs in Denver. It’s pretty cool how we all came together with such different backgrounds. Somehow it just worked. You definately have to be dedicated we have had giant gatherings where we take up half a coffee house and sometimes only one other person but I never leave disappointed. If you are in the CO area stop by! Or you are welcome to join in on the blog posts.

  3. Jenifer Says:

    I am wondering how often this book group meets?

  4. Kylle Says:

    Well normally we meet every Saturday. Because of the holidays we are meeting every other week.

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