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Halloween Party Info October 24, 2006

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So what was Hesse’s point? Do you feel satisfied after reading the book? I have to admit that somehow I found peace at the end.

Don’t forget this Friday 6:30! Bring $5 (all visitors are free). Oh and if you are really feeling nice and want to bring a little extra (i.e. ice, chips, or candy) post it. But the breadsticks-that-look-like-fingers have already been taken.

Also I SERIOUSLY need people to vote. I just need some people to break the ties otherwise we will only have 2 books in the queue. It’s really not that difficult (and I don’t really care if you don’t really care).

Don’t forget the Temple Trip. Inspector was wondering if it would be better to go on Saturday or Sunday. Please leave your opinion and if you will be able to go or not.


Time to PARTY! October 19, 2006

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We will be having our Halloween/1 Year Anniversary Party Friday, October 27th. I will have flyers available but in the meantime…



A few things left to say…9/21/06

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Hope everyone is having a great week.
Last week…

 – Can you relate with Knecht’s rebellion?
 – Was Knecht’s rebellion, a) really rebellious, b) proved his point?
 – Was it for a world change or a personal change?
 – Was it a selfish decision?

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up so put this on your Palms or palms.
 – This week we are finishing up GBG; meeting at Mile Hi Coffee
 – I will be emailing you the list of possible books. We will be voting on them next week. Anyone who gave a suggestion must describe the plot and explain why they want to read it at our meeting on the 21st.
 – We will also be discussing our Halloween Party.
 – The temple trek will take place on the 28th and we will discuss details soon.

See you on Saturday


GBG Nearing the end – 10/14/06 October 12, 2006

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Another great discussion from one of the most “boring” books we have read! Just kidding Joel. For some reason the book is really interesting, even if it’s just to get to Hesse’s point.

 – Could someone else have written this book and made it better?
 – Would a better editor have made this book more interesting?
 – Is it just a Hesse stylistic thing or was he trying to write it like a Castalian?
 – The theme of the value of the reflective life?

This week we are trying a new place Scooter Joes. (Hint: It’s right before the Funky Buddha…hmmm maybe we should go there instead of the Stupa).

Speaking of we will be making a trek to the temple on the 21st so plan a little extra time for book club…like 5 hours of time. On the way we will be discussing our new books so I need all submissions by the 20th. Also I have the flyers for our party on the 27th and I will try to get them to you this week.

see ya there


A Post from Sam 9/7/06 October 4, 2006

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Well we had a great book club, and a good turnout even though no one posted the meeting time/place. 

Topics of discussion:
Does the author promote the ideals/system of castalia?
What is the balance between experiential learning and traditional models?
Do you believe that Knecht’s perfection is believable?
What are the similarities between Plinio and Father Jacobus?
What role did religion play in Hesse’s life and writings?
How does Hesse succeed when the writing is so boring and dry?
Proposed field trip for the last week of Glass Bead Game.

It has been amazing how great the discussions have been the past two weeks considering this book’s stylistic challenges.  Next week’s conversations can only be better.  We are trying to read through chapter 9 this week, and planning on meeting at Stella’s (an olive branch to our littleton attendees)